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Why Do Hard Drive Sectors Go Bad

Why Do Hard Drive Sectors Go Bad

We all like to think of the good old days when all mechanical devices where over engineered and sometimes lasted a life time (and beyond) but hard drive do have a limited life expectancy and this often manifests as bad sectors.

One of the reasons for bad sectors is that some areas of HDD, which are most often used, "wear out" and become harder to read and finally, completely inaccessible.


Though it is possible to "recover" these sectors using some applications, it is better to get a new HDD for usage as the main system drive and the repaired one use for other purposes. The reason is that even though the bad sector is fixed, all your data is safe and the HDD is working again, there is a risk that the previous or the next sectors are also about to crash soon.

If you suspect you have bad sectors on your drive back up your essential data as soon as possible. If your data has become inaccessible due to bad sectors (degraded) then call a reputable data recovery lab who can recover the drive safely and cost effectively.


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