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What is NAS

What is NAS
What is NAS?

NAS stands for network attached storage (not to be confused with SAN which is an external storage network). Unlike SAN NAS units are physically attached to a local network and are essentially self contained computers designed specifically for storage.


A NAS will have a cut down version of an operating system as it prime function is to store and serve files (or for backup). NAS units do not generally need to have other software installed as they are not designed for general computing.

The storage capacity of a NAS will vary depending upon individual requirements and the amount and size of hard drives used for storage. It goes without saying that the higher the amount of storage capacity the greater the cost of a NAS device.

As NAS devices are capable of using multiple disks it is common practice for a NAS to be configured in a raid array of some description for additional redundancy and data safety so raid data recovery would be required if an array failed.


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