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What is Data Deduplication

What is Data Deduplication
What Is Data Deduplication?


In any IT infrastructure over time a business will generate a huge amount of duplicate data in the form of e-mails, word files, presentations and so on.

Whilst this is not too much of a problem if effective document management controls are in place it does have an effect on any IT backup or disaster recovery plan as multiple instances of the same documents and files will be saved and backed up again and again.

Data deduplication in its simplest form allows a business to eradicate multiple instances of the same files across a business and instead reference one single source.

This is extremely helpful to a business as it brings a number of benefits and effectively helps reduce costs in a number of principal areas including  storage costs,backup management and other IT overheads. Additionally it can also have the added benefit of streamlining document control and data management systems that may be in place to ensure adequate file versioning controls.

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