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Western Digital Black Data Recovery

Western Digital Black Data Recovery
Western Digital Caviar Black Data Recovery services become necessary when a drive succumbs to wear and tear ( degrades), a power surge, water damage or even being dropped or knocked.


For the recovery of deleted files or formatted drives try R3Cover data recovery software for Mac and Windows


WD Caviar Black benefit from the following features :-

Maximum performance for power computing

• High Performance Electronics Architecture

• No Touch Ramp Load Technology – ensuring better drive protection in transit.

• Dual processor – Twice the processing power to maximize performance.

• Colossal cache – Bigger, faster cache of up to 64 MB means faster performance.

• Rock Solid Mechanical Architecture

• Dual actuator technology – A head positioning system with two actuators that improves positional accuracy over the data track(s). (2TB Only)

• 5 year warranty

WD Part No.CapacityInterfaceRPMCacheLimited Warranty
WD5001AALS500GBSATA II720032MB5-year
WD5002AALX500GBSATA 6GB720032MB5-year
WD6401AALS640GBSATA II720032MB5-year
WD6402AAEX640GBSATA 6GB720064MB5-year
WD7501AALS750GBSATA II720032MB5-year
WD7502AAEX750GBSATA 6GB720064MB5-year
WD1001FALS1TBSATA II720032MB5-year
WD1002FAEX1TBSATA 6GB720064MB5-year
WD1501FASS1.5TBSATA II720064MB5-year
WD1502FAEX1.5TBSATA 6GB720064MB5-year
WD2001FASS2TBSATA II720064MB5-year
WD2002FAEX2TBSATA 6GB720064MB5-year

WD Caviar Black benefit from the following features :-