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Tips About Data Recovery

Tips About Data Recovery
7 Things You Never Knew About Data Recovery by Uni Trends


There are so many different ways you can store data these days. You can also store them in optical discs because of their larger capacities, but they are not always reliable for long term storage. Hard disks or flash disks used for backup purposes are the best solution here, but there is just one problem.

Hardware defects or heat exposure may damage the hard disk and the contained data, but there are workarounds for that. Through data recovery, you might be able to rescue a few or even all of your important files. Put these 7 facts into mind so you can make data recovery work for you.

1. Deleted data doesn’t mean that it is really deleted

We all know that you can permanently delete files to clear space for new files to come in. But actually, when you delete a file, the actual file still exists. What happens here is that when you issue a delete command, you are removing the file from the index and allow future data to take its place when it is written. This means that as long as you don’t have new data coming in, you have better chances of getting the file back using recovery software.

2. Data cannot be recovered if it has been securely deleted

Ever wonder what does “secure deletion” methods are all about? Well they mainly used to get rid of confidential data when hard disks are shared so other users cannot recover the deleted data. This works by deleting the file and overwriting it with blank data making the deletion process take a bit longer.

3. Data recovery is never guaranteed

Just because you can’t recover data from one program may not always mean you can recover it using a better solution. The recovery process depends highly on the contents of your hard disk and the chances of recovering the file are much greater if you deleted them recently.

4. Data recovery services are an alternate choice to data recovery software

Data recovery programs usually dominate the search results if you look for a hard disk recovery solution and most of them require a license for all the features to be unlocked. Those wanting higher efficiency and better affordability may find more success with a data recovery service.

5. Data recovery will never be your concern if you backup often

Think of it this way; if you have lots of backups of your important data, those files will immediately be your best data recovery solution no matter where they are stored. It is always good to have multiple backups in different areas to overcome their limitations.

6. Full formats can also be recovered through data recovery processes

If you accidentally formatted your system and haven’t touched it since, you can most likely recover all of the data as long as you do it immediately.

7. You usually have one shot at recovering

When recovering lost or corrupted files, you need to be quick and make sure you use the best program or service available. An attempt to recover files can worsen the file structure ruining chances of recovery.

Data recovery can save your life from inconveniences. But the best method of them all is to backup your important data often and you’ll be just fine.

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Article Source: 7 Things You Never Knew About Data Recovery

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