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The Real Hustle Of Data Recovery

The Real Hustle Of Data Recovery
The Real Hustle in the Fields of Data Recovery

How do you know if you have been scammed when using an "expert" data recovery service ?

Is it the misleading accreditiations ?  Investor in People  or ISO9001 that lulled you in ?

Is it the fake reviews.

Is it the slick sales patter.

Or is it that you were offerred the lowest price range of £97 -£300 with a 30 day money back guarantee ?

Possibly the endless list of experts in their Fields ?

Professor Daryl Hamilton Wallis Dr Richard Cable
daryl.jpg Experts at richard_glyn_lewis_marketing_guru.jpgeverything! ricky.jpg
richard_glyn_lewis_cleanbreak.jpg rgl_quickiedivorce.jpg custody-richardglewis.jpg fields_associates_experts.jpg

Did it only dawn on you that you had been scammed by Fields papermill when all you had was a a fake data recovery report dressed up as a " digital forensic service".

Or were charged a significant amount for nothing more than corrupt data, faulty donor parts or even non existent donor parts ?

comparedatarecovery.co.uk.jpg rapid_data_-_fields_group_-_compare_data_recovery_scam_.png


The world is full of scams, but what if you can make your million from designing an internet marketing machine geared to  sell anything, claim to be expert at everything and use the money taken to employ solicitors to try and stop anyone exposing what you are doing you really are an expert..

Selling paper is better than printing money, and whats more you can do it thousands of times without being noticed.


You can build a corporate image with enough money:-

But how many of the photographed staff actually make it past their first year ?

How many of the solicitors employed to defend them make it past their first year ?

If their failed data recovery reports are believed many of the jobs they have charged for are beyond recovery, yet when a genuine lab gets the drive and the report and shows the data is actually recoverable what does that say about an ISO9001 accredited quality company who lie time and time again until consumers give up.

Beware of data recovery scams and beware of those that would emulate them.