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The Difference Between Cheap Data Recovery Services.

The Difference Between Cheap Data Recovery Services.
Cheap data recovery is now a reality compared to several years ago but consumers need to understand the difference between the various levels of service that are available.
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Get a free no obligation fixed price data recovery call 0800 999 3282

Cheap Data Recovery   --  Just running data recovery software which you can do yourself.  around £79 ** beware it is at a risk !


Use the contact form below to get a free no obligation quotation for the recovery of your data.

Safe Data Recovery --      Running software on a clone, after first making a soft-clone or hardware-clone of the drive. starting at £99*+vat

Specialist Data Recovery -- Repairing Logical damage to the files system, firmware, RAID recovery or forensic scanning from £199*+vat


Mechanical Data Recovery -- Platter transplant, head stack transplant -- all in a clean room  from £299* +vat to £449+vat depending on complexity and donor parts cost

Electronic Data Recovery --  PCB repairs -clean room not required. from £199* +vat

RAID Recovery --Be sure to find a reputable company with a team of RAID recovery specialists with an ISO-3 certified clean room and  hard disk drive repair facilities. Far too many drives are damaged beyond repair by cheap data recovery companies that just run software.

* Pricing often includes return media, donor parts, the repair of any hard drive is purely to make an exact copy / clone  / image from which the recovery is performed.