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Systems Services

Systems Services
Address: 'Little Thatches'
Near Buntingford

United Kingdom
Postcode: SG9 0SH
Town/City: Birmingham
Type: Data Recovery Company
Website: Visit Website
Telephone: 01763 288 165
Data Recovery Hertfordshire
Systems Services

We operate our emergency computer data recovery services for clients in Hertfordshire, Cambridgeshire, Bedfordshire and North London

Data recovered from :
Formatted disk drives for WINDOWS and MAC. Clicking disk drives. Disk drives with sector errors. Raid arrays .

Data recovered from disks used with the following operating systems :
MSDOS, Windows95/98/ME/2000/XP/VISTA for NTFS, FAT32, XFS (NTFS,FAT32,FAT16,XFS) and Mac (HFS/HFS+), NetWare, OS2, Linux, UNIX, Servers and Workstations .

Disks can be ATA, SATA or SCSI.

Disks can be enclosed in USB or Firewire enclosures or internal.

Also Data Recovery from :
CD, DVD, MiniDisc, Magneto Opticial, SmartMedia, CompactFlash, Secure Digital Card, MultiMedia Card, Memory Stick, x-D Picture Cards, Digital Cameras, PDA, Mobile phone sim cards, Pocket PC / PSION, MicroDrive, Zip Disk, Jaz Drive, Syquest, Floppy Disk

Tape Data Recovery from the following maunfacturers and tape types:
3COM, AMA, APT, AS400, Arc Server, Burroughs, CCN, Central Point, Christie, Colorado, Cyber, Cybernetic, Dataflex, Data General, DEC, DOS, Duplicate Tape, Easy Tape, Epoch, Ericsson, Everex, EZ-SCSI, FBack Backup (DOS), Fixed Block Records (Labelled tape), France Telecom, FYI Worm, Heidelburg, Honeywell Bull, HP, Humana, IBM, ICL, InterMedia Backup, KME Optical, Legato, Macintosh, Magic, Mentor, Misys, Mountain, Norsk Data Sintron, Nortel phone switch, Novell, NovaStor, NT, Pick, Prime, Retrospect Macintosh, Rev 5010, ROCC, Safeback, Scanned Document Worm, Sun, Sytos, Tandem, Tapeware, Tecmar, Telcom, Tivoli, UDF, Unisys, Univac, Unix, Wang, VAX, Windows 95, WTI, Xerox, XPress

Ultrastar 15K300 Ultrastar A7K1000 Ultrastar C10K147 Ultrastar 15K147 Ultrastar 73LZX Ultrastar 10K300 Ultrastar 146Z10 Ultrastar 15K73 Ultrastar 18ES Ultrastar 18LZX Ultrastar 18XP Ultrastar 18ZX Ultrastar 2ES Ultrastar 2XP Ultrastar 36LP Ultrastar 36LZX Ultrastar 36XP Ultrastar 36Z15 Ultrastar 36ZX Ultrastar 9ES Ultrastar 9LP Ultrastar 9LZX Ultrastar 9ZX Ultrastar ES Ultrastar XP Ultrastar (DFMS) Deskstar P7K500 Deskstar 7K1000 Deskstar E7K500 Deskstar 7K160 Deskstar T7K500 Deskstar 7K500 Deskstar T7K250 Deskstar 7K400 Deskstar 7K80 Deskstar 7K250 Deskstar 120GXP Deskstar 14GXP Deskstar 16GP Deskstar 180GXP Deskstar 22GXP Deskstar 25GP Deskstar 3 Deskstar 34GXP Deskstar 37GP Deskstar 4 Deskstar 40GV Deskstar 5 Deskstar 60GXP Deskstar 75GXP Deskstar 8 Deskstar XP Deskstar (DALA) Deskstar (DALS) Deskstar (DJAA) Deskstar (DSAA) Deskstar (DSAS) Travelstar E5K250 Travelstar E5K160 Travelstar C3K80 Travelstar 5K120 Travelstar C4K60 S Travelstar C4K60 Travelstar C4K40 Travelstar 5K80 Travelstar 4K80 Travelstar 10E Travelstar 10GT Travelstar 12GN Travelstar 14GS Travelstar 15GN Travelstar 18GT Travelstar 20GN Travelstar 25GS Travelstar 2LP Travelstar 2XP Travelstar 30GN Travelstar 30GT Travelstar 32GH Travelstar 3GN Travelstar 3LP Travelstar 3XP Travelstar 40GN Travelstar 40GNX Travelstar 48GH Travelstar 4GN Travelstar 4GT Travelstar 4LP Travelstar 5GS Travelstar 60GH Travelstar 6GN Travelstar 6GT Travelstar 8E Travelstar 8GS Travelstar LP Travelstar VP Travelstar XP Travelstar (DHAA) Travelstar (DHAS) Travelstar (DVAA) Travelstar (DVAS) CinemaStar C5K250 CinemaStar P7K500 CinemaStar 7K1000 CinemaStar C5K160 CinemaStar 7K160 CinemaStar 7K500 Endurastar J4K50 Endurastar N4K50 Endurastar J4K30 Endurastar N4K30 Endurastar J4K20 Endurastar N4K20 Microdrive 3K8 Microdrive 3K6 Microdrive 170MB Microdrive 1GB Microdrive 340MB Microdrive 3K4 Microdrive 512MB DK32CJ Series DK32DJ Series DK32EJ Series DK23BA Series DK23CA Series DK23DA Series DK23EA Series DK23EB Series DK23FB Series