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Standards Within The Data Recovery Community

Standards Within The Data Recovery Community



After the fallout of the tech boom of the late 1990’s internet marketers had few money making

options left. The get rich quick scheme based on a potentially good idea was no longer feasible.

However, one market did stand alone, unwaivered the data recovery service and software



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Prior to the new millennia there were but a handful of data recovery companies. Data recovery

was expensive and a necessity in certain situations. With an expensive necessity, the new

internet marketers made their way into the data recovery industry.

To date the amount of data recovery companies has increased exponentially over the last 4

years. How did all of these companies emerge with claim of decades of experience? The truth is,

more than likely, that they are not qualified to do any type of data recovery other than logical

system failures.

Companies making claims to recover data from any drive, regardless of size from $300.00 to

$500.00 is unrealistic. In reality, if they were to exhaust every option of recovery on each drive

they would become quickly bankrupt.

Recovery from internal failures of the hard drives read/write heads can be quite costly in parts

alone for a data recovery company. Do the math. Let’s say we have a 100GB Hard drive with

malfunctioning read/write heads. The data recovery company would need to replace the

read/write heads. This constitutes an expenditure on the behalf of the data recovery company

equal to the price of a 100GB hard drive. Let us also assume that the platters have acquired

damage in an area that originally caused the head crash, which has now caused the replacement

read/write heads to crash. The defective area on the platter is noted and avoided after another

head replacement. Again, another cost acquired by the data recovery company equal to the cost

of the 100GB hard drive. So indicative of the math there is no way for a data recovery company to

stay in business using this business model.

So why would a company make such a claim? Companies that make these claims do so for

several reasons. The first possibility could be that they charge a diagnostic fee just to look at your

hard drive. When making a claim to recover data at ridiculous prices and receiving 100.00 to

300.00 per drive diagnostic fee, it is not hard to see why a company would market in this way.

Secondly, sometimes the damage is not bad enough to require invasive recovery. A creditable

company would exchange the read/write head to produce quality results. Explanation, the drive is

still able to initiate and be recognized by the system. However, you can not access your data. The

bogus data recovery company receives your drive and makes an image of the data. As it

happens the data that was crucial for recovery was not affected or partially affected by the

damaged area of the drive, or the one head which was not reading. In short, they get lucky or

provide poor results but you are willing to accept something rather than nothing. They will go on

to explain what an unusual situation this was and how badly the media was damaged.

Most of these companies are hoping for the best and are totally unprepared for the worst.

However, if they receive enough drives they will prevail monetarily.

Finally, some of these companies do have some capabilities to recover data. They are proficient

enough with certain hard drives and particular hard drive manufacturers. They are companies that

may even be ethical enough to be partners with larger more capable data recovery companies.

However, the probability of recovery on a wide range of hard drives from various manufacturers

over a period of time would prove to be unlikely. Unfortunately, the name of the game for these

companies is low overhead and numbers.

To keep things simple lets say a data recovery company receives 10 drives in a day. They have

no real overhead, no research and development, and will not acquire costs for parts. They will

recover enough data from 2 to 3 of the damaged drives to make a tidy profit.

What has this done to the data recovery industry?

Due to unrealistic claims of bogus data recovery companies it has become difficult for reputable

companies to explain the cost of exhausting all avenues possible for recovery. Customers have

valid questions. One of which is why should I send it to you when X company will do it for less. In

addition, X company has told them they are the greatest and have been doing this for decades. X

company has also gone on to explain to them that they have developed techniques to recover

data at a low cost and other companies are behind in their technology.

If you search for data recovery, hard drive recovery or similar terms in any of the search engines

you will find many companies claiming they are the BEST. The truth is there are about 5 to 10

real data recovery companies in the United States.

This has made it difficult for customers to make an educated decision as to where they should

send their media for data recovery. There are many variables included in successful data

recovery. Such as; in depth knowledge and diagnostics of the PCB ( Printed Circuit Board ),

read/write head replacement and calibration, Vendor Specific Information (VCI) contained within

the ATA shell of the hard drive. The list goes on. Ongoing and expensive research and

development is required to keep up with new technology not only in hard drives but other storage

media devices and servers. The infiltration of x company into the data recovery market has been

extremely detrimental to the end result of the data recovery industry. X company is a parasite that

will use up the host until there is nothing left of it.

Is there a solution? Amongst creditable data recovery companies there has been a call for

credentials. We at dtidata.com endorse this call and hope to help establish any type of agency to

provide minimum standards necessary to become part of an endorsed community.

Meanwhile dear potential customers please choose carefully.

Our customers enjoy:

No evaluation fees,

No data, no charge. If we do not recover your client’s lost data they pay nothing,

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