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Software Proves (normally) Useless In Flash Recovery

Software Proves (normally) Useless In Flash Recovery

Software proves (normally) useless in Flash Recovery

July 21, 2010  

We often receive an enquiry whereby the owner of a SD or SDHC memory card will advise that their cards has failed and that software has been run on the card in an attempt to recover the lost images but nothing can be retrieved.  Unsafe ejecting of a USB Memory Stick or sudden removal of a memory card from a camera can cause data loss that can be resolved via the use of either data recovery or photo recovery software.

In general however, in our experience, approximately 80-85% of all failed flash media have done so due to “Controller Chip” failure rather than file system corruption. When this occurs it is impossible to recover the data from the failed device via the use of software. This is due to the fact that the failure of the controller chip prevents any access to the Flash NAND where the images and data is actually stored. In laymans terms -  the software can’t communicate with the chip that the data is stored on as the failed controller acts as a block or barrier on access to the data area. You can attempt to run the software as many times as you like but it is almost 100% guaranteed that nothing can be recovered from the card using this method.

The only option you have is to send the device to a data recovery professional organisation such as VenSys Limited so that we can use our specialist skills on recovery of the RAW data from the chip itself.

Normally any reputable data recovery software will allow you to run a trial before having to pay any money out. This trial allows you to ensure you can see and be sure the software works, therefore the use of Software comes with the following “Caveat” - Always ensure the Software is available to download and run for free so that you can ensure you are certain of a recovery prior to payment.