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Server Backup

Server Backup
Server Backup

Servers have become the mainstay to many businesses and if a server fails then money can literally pour out of the door in lost revenue alone. Remote server backup is an excellent way to ensure data is available whatever situation or emergency may arise.

Backup configurations can be varied to suit business requirements and all critical data can be store online at remote data centres or if required data backups can be kept local with a secondary backup to the remote data centre as an additional line of redundancy.

A word of caution here about any backup system is to ensure the integrity of the backup is sound and that a trial restoration is carried out on a regular basis. Even the most effective disaster recovery solutions can fail in their hour of need due to this single oversight.


If you do need to renew your server bear in mind that quite often the easiest business option will go for the cheapest or simplest configuration when specifying a new server or replacing an older server, but in the longer term this can be a very costly policy indeed. Equally if you have suffered from a server hardware failure although the timing may not be the best this is often an ideal opportunity to renew an older or struggling server.

A raid server will give you the best level of redundancy and depending on the raid configuration can even allow for the failure of multiple disks which will reduce the need for server recovery. Also another often overlooked safety net is having a redundant power supply, most servers have this facility but there are a surprising number of servers that do not have these installed so a business could experience many hours and sometimes days of downtime for the sake of less than a few hundred pounds extra in addition cost.

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