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There are many companies which have skilled people and need to be advertised, equally there are many who are great advertisers and have no facilities or respect for you or your private data.

Beware the big name testimonials as a real data recovery company we are under non disclosure agreements and we do not name the companies we work for or use their brands or logos.

R3 do actually  hold long term supply contracts work for Billion pound organisations  but the majority of our work is for SME's  self employed, charities, schhols and universities right down to home users and students.

R3 help as many as we can with appropriate discounts, but we do not try to trade on our customers name, many do and many trade on customers they can never have had.


Remember  95% success hard drive recovery rate is very good, but if you do 100 drives and they are easy and throw the others back as unrecoverable it is not a true reflection of a success rate, anyone knowing playing solitaire will realise that once you are good your percentage goes up and up, and even if you have a losing streak it barely affects the percentage, yet that losing streak could be someones life, memories, or business that is affected, so it is best you get a team geared to success wherever possible and not just basing their high percentage on the winning streaks of lots of straight forward logical recoveries.

R3 Data Recovery Ltd are a true data recovery hospital with a real lab. Many IT Support companies, IT Departments and Computer repair contractors use R3 for the complex recoveries they cannot do with softwar. So the R3 Data Recovery lab is manned by some of the very best data recovery engineers in the UK with an enviable success rate even for drives declared unrecoverable at any cost by the following companies.

Data Recovery Specialists
Fields Data Recovery
Rapid Data Recovery
Data Phoenix
Fields Associates

The above are all brands / sales mechanisms of the Fields Group who have attempted to dominate the online marketing for data recovery in the UK and further afield, even attempting to make review sites which deliberately misled consumers and tried to damage smaller operations which had higher success rates but less profit.

Any company can make a mistake but only Fields Data Recovery and its associates seem to think that charging for a false report is good business and employing a full time pseudo law firm and team of complaints managers is easier to do than data recovery..

Do yourself a favour and send your drive to a reputable data recovery team of professional data recovery engineers.

Hard drive recovery, memory stick repair, RAID array rescue, and Solid state device (SSD) data recovery.