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File Extractor by SalvationData Technology

File Extractor by SalvationData Technology
Address: 601 Research Institute of Computer Application,
Chinese Academy of Science
Chengdu Branch,
Chengdu 610041,
Postcode: S4 7WB
Town/City: Birmingham, London
Type: Data Recovery Company
Website: Visit Website
Telephone: 0086 28 68107757
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SalvationDATA Technology 
File Extractor--data extraction and restoration

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    "---the most cost-effective data recovery hardware recovering bad sectors/unstable drives" -- SalvationData Technology
  • Highlights of File extractor?
  • Portable , Reliable and most cost-effective data recovery hardware solution with high success rate
  • Recover data from logically and physically damaged drives
  • Recover data by file types
  • Superior RAW recovery when some important bad sectors have been damaged and the data structure can’t be accessed
  • Real-time hard disk diagnosis and working status monitor
  • Easy to Use (Free technical and remote support)
  • Open source design ( can be used together with any logical data recovery software)
  • Recover all 3.5”, 2.5” and 1.8”ATA/SATA HDDs (adaptor supported);


  • Image and recover unstable drives with a lot of bad sectors
  • Logical data recovery from drives with Damaged partition table, partition data structure damage, Partition loss, File corruption/ Deletion, Virus Attack, Disk Format, etc
  • Recover data from physically damaged HDDs, such as HDDs with "knocking" sounds, HDDs with partial patient heads
  • Recover data from drives with a combination of both physical and logical failure.

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