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SalvationData Technology - Data Copy King

SalvationData Technology - Data Copy King
Address: 601 Research Institute of Computer Application,
Chinese Academy of Science
Chengdu Branch,
Chengdu 610041,
Postcode: S4 7WB
Town/City: Birmingham
Type: Data Recovery Company
Website: Visit Website
Telephone: 0086 28 68107757
  • SalvationDATA Technology 
               Data Copy King--
    disk image hardware and disk wipe hardware 


    Data Copy King ----Latest and fastest universal hard drive duplicator copying bad sectors/unstable drives fast
    Industry’s highest real-tested disk image speed at 7.0GB/min, disk wipe at 8.0GB/min
    Upgradable imaging solutions unlimited business success
  • Top Highlights of Data Copy King  
    Access to unstable drives with a lot of bad sectors and copy data fast, possibility to copy the data out is 300% higher than other HDD duplicators;
    Automatically resets/reboots drives that get stuck to continue the data duplication process, so you don't need to stand around watching and waiting for the entire system to be rebooted.
    Universal support—No restriction of brand, model, OS or file system
    Support TB-level hard drives--Especially designed for TB-level hard drives supporting up to 131072TB
    Copy or erase HPA or DCO areas on hard-drives—Access to all the data
    Build-in write protection—Source data protection and evidence integrity
    Stand-alone with color touch screen
    Customizable algorithms-- Set read response based on individual sector read errors

  • Application
    Fastest Data Backup—Backup your data at 7.0GB/min with source data protection
    Copy/backup bad sectors/unstable drives fast
    Data Clean—999 rounds of Wiping disk permanently following DoD specifications at 8.0GB/min
    Forensic data capture—Getting solid forensic images with MD5/CRC verification
    HDD auto detection—Fast test and bad sector analysis with clear graph
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