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Ruggedized Hard Drives

Ruggedized Hard Drives
Ruggedized hard drives.


Computer systems of one shape or form are utilised in a number of different areas and although most of us will be familiar with our desktop or laptop computer systems which in most cases are used in very hospitable environments, computers are however also in daily use in many other arena's where conditions are far from ideal and will stop most consumer PC components in their tracks.

Many military, industrial and commercial computer systems are required to operate in extreme conditions and as such need extremely robust storage facilities which are commonly called "Ruggedized Hard Drives". These extremely robust drives which can be either platter based or solid state drives utilising flash memory technology, are designed to operate in the most demanding and environments which can include heat ranges from minus thirty to 85 degrees Celsius.


In addition to being capable of handling extremes of heat these ruggedized drives will also be able to handle operational vibrations and extreme shock in some cases up to 150g as well as extremes of depth and altitude.

Forms of  entry level ruggedized drives can be found in devices such as music players but most are well out of reach of  the pockets of the average consumer not that they would be generally required of course.

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