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Reasons To Avoid DIY Data Recovery

Reasons To Avoid DIY Data Recovery

Avoid at All Costs Doing Your Own Data Recovery.

There are reasons for this statement, whether you are an IT Professional, a budding data recovery expert in the making or a home user worried about the cost.

1) If you only have one chance to get it right make sure you know what you are doing.

2) If the data is critical or valuable, consider getting advice from a data recovery specialist.

3) If you are running software on a faulty device on behalf of the customer, who takes the blame you or the the customer for asking you to do something cheap ?

Most data recovery service providers want to provide the consumer with as low a price as possible, but the cost of investment in equipment and training to become a data recovery expert is substantial.

A few lucky recoveries can give a false sense of self belief and when the going gets tough you will find not only are you at risk of losing any credibility for attempting to cover up the mistakes.

Maybe you are one of those people who think that doing your data recovery will save you money? Well think again because there are numerous ways you will lose money and get into all sorts of trouble attempting work only expert data recovery labs can repeat day in day out at a reliable success rate.

Time Wastage: Every one is talented/gifted/well trained in a different field. When one begins to work on something that he/she is not well trained to do, they will end up wasting their valuable time. Instead of using their experience in developing himself/herself they are busy doing something else they know very little about. This leads to wastage of time and as a famous quote goes "Time is money". Wastage of time is wastage of money.

Data recovery specialists are well trained to recover lost data in the safest possible way. Therefore, it is advisable not to waste your time trying to do someone else's job.

Worsening of the Situation: Since you are not really sure of what you are doing, there is always a very high possibility of making matters worse. One may cause overwriting of data and once that happens, data cannot be recovered. Not in a 100 years!! It is also possible that the environment in which the attempted recovery is being done is not conducive.

Data recovery is best done in a clean room that is dust free. Dust particles may interfere with the hard disk causing it to crash further.

All that said if you have only deleted files, or re-installed an operating system losing access to your data, and the storage device is not faulty or degrading in any way then data recovery software can help..... but be sure you understand the procedures and never install software onto, or recover data back to the drive being recovered from, even if its a seperate partition on a drive. Always recover data to a completely seperate storage device.

 Providing your storage device is not damaged use R3Cover Data Recovery Software  to recover deleted or formatted files, folders and partitions even after reloading the operating system ! Mac and Windows certified versions of R3Cover can be used on a Free Demo basis. Onl pay for a licence once the data is recovered. r3cover_label_both.jpg
 Do Not install data recovery software on the same drive as the deleted data, do not write data to the drive needing recovery.

Do Not use data recovery software on a faulty drive suspected of degrading, electronic faults, mechanical faults or  clicking, buzzing, ticking etc. 

Exposure to Hazards: If an individual attempts to recover data on their own, there are a number of risk that he is exposing himself to, the most common one is that of being electrocuted e.g. data recovery is usually done when the computer is powered on thus one may get electrocuted while trying to retrieve the data. Data recovery specialist are well trained to know how to operate with a powered computer and they know how to recover the data.

Tampering with other components: In some cases, there are individuals who don't have proper knowledge of computer hardware. In the process of trying to recover their data, the may accidentally tamper with some component without knowing and when they try to use their PC after the data crisis is over, they get other unexpected problems. This is why it is always advisable that if one loses their data, to get immediate help from a data recovery specialist.

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