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Rapid Data Recovery Ltd

Rapid Data Recovery Ltd
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Rapid Data Recovery Ltd  - Also known as Rapid Data and Dataphoenix they are a brand of the Fields Group Ltd and operate various papermill  / document spooling services selling forms.  Known for its fake data recovery reports.

Since writing this article The Fields Group  have been making numerous out of court settlements to avert a full Trading Standards investigation.

(Their claim in one court case that they "have a good working relationship with Bridgend Trading Standards going back 5 years" was extra-ordinary.. )

  Most Victims will never know how they were defrauded.

570 complaints from UK consumers to Trading Standards at Bridgend Wales, many more from businesses and International clients !

Do a search for Fields or Rapid Data Recovery Scam

Despite many sites exposing the scam it still continues with Thailand, The Phillipines and Indonesia the new stomping ground. 

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  How much would you spend to cover up a lucrative scam ? £70,000 seems a lot to pay to cover up a £224 mistake

Other  "brands" of Fields Group that have also been identified for charging for "forensic services" report but no data are Fields Data Recovery and Dataphoenix in the UK.

IT24 Services / DattenRettung in Germany, was exposed for  sending its clients to Fields Data Recovery  Ltd which in turn is actually carried out by Fields Associates Ltd of Bridgend Wales.  Other European names Like Salvataggio De Dati and Clinique De Donnes have also been identified by data recovery companies in France, Spain, Italy and Portugal operating in the same way.

Their Bridgend lab is known to operate similar scams in many countries, USA, Canada, Thaialand,  sometimes charging the same customer for successive failed recovery attempts under differrent Brands  - the client being unaware that they are actually paying the same lab to do nothing. 

Charging a few hundred pounds for a software scan or fake data recovery report is very lucrative especially if you are underwritten by government grants.  £180,000 of governement grants can go a long way to supporting a £250,0000 loan to a non group company in Thailand and why would Fields Data Recovery Asia Ltd charge the Fields Group for over £30,000 of services ?

The fake reports detailing impressive procedures and pictures of incompatable parts explaining why  no data can be recovered is just one way they maximise their corporate revenues.

But other reputable labs have shown these reports to be faked and designed by a Papermill to sell paper not data recovery services.

Fields Data Recovery were exposed on German TV for claiming to have 3 "data recovery labs"
 in Germany but on close inspection it was admitted it was just a marketing ploy. This is not unusual in the Data Recovery Market, what is unusual is the number of consumers and businesses which are charged for forensic services reports on a no data no fee service detailing why their data is not recoverable when in actual fact it often is... providing Fields do not deliberately damage the drive to prevent professional data recovery labs the opportunity to get the data back.  

Despite many websites, forums and blogs reporting problems with Fields Data Recovery over the last 3 - 4 years, nothing has changed and now others are emulating Fields get rich quick look good first, slick sales patter system to defraud consumers.

Too many consumers are being affected by an internet marketing operation designed to promote data recovery services yet actually often selling a document which is worthless and misleading. This has been described as The Fields Data Recovery Scam  and an Investiagtive German TV programme exposed Fields fake claims of having labs in Germany *  

The question has to be asked why is the UK data recovery industry itself not speaking out and preventing reputable UK data recovery companies having to handle calls from disgruntled clients of Fields Associates who clearly have been missold services and goods.?

Answer, Fear of Litigation..... Fields employ their own solicitor specifically to defend claims from consumers and competitors who complain about their methods of  "doing business".   Fortunately they were mulcted in costs by the courts for their attempt to use the small claims track as a way of depleting the funds of the director of a competing company.

In this video we see that the problem does not just affect the UK and our European counterparts are also baffled that Fields Data Recovery which claims to be a corporation could malign competitors yet it is clear that many of their claims are deliberately misleading and running software on a damaged hard drive is something any data recovery expert will advise against, .


Those readers who have followed  my other articles on this subject will already know I have actively sought to expose the rogues in the UK DR industry after they made claims about my company which in the words of James Walsh "were in-co-rrect"  and attempted to put my company and my dedicated team of data recovery experts out of business.

At least when drives are sent back from Fields as unrecoverable they are no longer deliberately damaged, and other labs like ours have the chance to make a successful recovery.

After all the name of the game is data recovery not can we sell you a useless and misleading report why the recovery was not successful but a reputable lab is able to recover the drive. 

* Here is the link to the video 

The original Blog has been moved blogware to wordpress,  also there are forums discussing other Fields Group operations on the Martin Lewis Money Savings Expert website:

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