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Rapid Data

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One of the Fields Group brands Rapid Data was exposed for selling fake data recovery reports, incompatable parts dominating PPC by bidding up the prices because they were selling paper not data recovery.

The Fields Group has a number of data recovery brands Rapid Data and Rapid Data Recovery attract more complaints from consumers than all other UK data recovery companies combined.

What was not understood was why ? Until the victims blog www.data-recovery-blog.co.uk and forum www.data-recovery-blog.com helped hundreds realise they too had been affected.

Bridgend Trading Standards recorded some 570 complaints for the Fields Group as a whole, but this was a fraction of the number actually affected.

The DRC Directory draws attention to the good and bad of data recovery.

Some companies can have a bad day, or some difficulties with service levels due to adverse weather, influxes of addittional work or staff holidays.

But for a company which claims to process 40,000 data recovery jobs to use an ISO 9001 quality Assurance and full time complaints and legal department to bully their victims into submission certainly sets the Fields Group apart.

Do your research.

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