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Raid 0 Recovery

Raid 0 Recovery
RAID 0 recovery



As RAID 0 arrays, sometimes referred to as striped arrays or striped volumes are not true RAID as there is no redundancy.  In RAID 0 the data is striped in blocks across the member disks.  There is no theoretical limit to the amount of drives that may be in a RAID 0, however, the number is usually small.

RAID 0 is often used for high performance applications, media, video editing etc all require fast access to the storage media.  The way that RAID 0 helps with this is by allowing simultaneous writing to more than one of the devices. This can be seen below, Block 1 and Block 2 are written to the disks during the same write, this takes the same time as writing a single block to a single disk.  This process continues with Blocks 3 and 4 and then with Blocks 5 and 6.

 Block 1
 Block 2
 Block 3 Block 4
 Block 5 Block 6

So in theory RAID 0 using two disks can be twice as fast as single disk access, however, this is rarely the case as other factors come into play.  Increase the number of disks further and you  will increase the throughput of the array.

This speed increase comes at a price though, the more drives that are added to the array the more likely it becomes that the array will fail.  There is twice the potential for failure of a single disk in the array than there would be with a single disk and so on.

Recovering Data from a RAID 0

So what can be done for you if you have a failed member or members in a RAID 0 array?

Contact a professional data recovery company equipped with the necessary facilities and expertise to ensure safe recovery of your data.

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ABC Data Recovery commonly recovers data from failed RAID 0 arrays in the same way that data is recovered from single hard disk drives.  The fault or faults are identified, repaired.  Then unlike standard hard drive repairs the data that is striped between the disks is streamed off into a single image file, from which your data is extracted in its complete de-striped form.

In most cases ABC Data Recovery can have your system back up and running as it was prior to failure in as little as a few hours

Data can be recovered from systems running or formatted by any version Windows, Mac OS, Linux, Unix and Solaris.  Other file and operating systems are supported, including many legacy and obsolete systems.  Please call and speak to one of our RAID technicians.


Attempting to install an operating system or otherwise recover data after a RAID 0 member failure may lead to further data loss, data cannot be recovered until the original fault is identified and repaired.  All drives must be present, in the same order and working correctly for your data to be recovered.  If in doubt or in need of advise, contact us now for a free consultation.