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R3cover Data Recovery Software Activation Help (copy)

R3cover Data Recovery Software Activation Help (copy)
How Do I check that R3 can successfully recover my files before paying for the recovery?


R3 Data Recovery  offers a free no data no fee solution to those data loss situations where files, folders, and partitions have been deleted or formatted but the storage device is otherwise fully functioning.  If  your storage device has been damaged,  is degrading or  is suspected of other electro-mecanical faults we strongly suggest getting advice from support@R3datarecovery.com   before attempting any software data recovery procedures. 

Safety warning, never save any data recovery software to the drive being recovered, and never save data back to the drive being recovered from. 
What Does this mean :-  Wherever possible the drive to be recovered should be connected through a network, firewire, USB, IDE or SATA connection to an unaffected computer
The data is at risk if you continue to use the drive needing recovery.
 Continuing to write data to the device needing recovery could risk corruption of the data ..
Do Not install any data recovery software onto the drive needing recovery.

When your data is recovered we send a list of files with a file integrity check.

The R3 File list viewer gives a visual representation of all the files and folders recovered and the files condition.