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R3 Data Recovery Reviews And Testimonials

R3 Data Recovery Reviews And Testimonials
R3 Data Recovery Ltd Reviews

We are just about to launch an online services marketplace where we bring businesses and people together like never before. A slice of Google, Facebook, Linkedin and Twitter all rolled into one, providing a unique platform for businesses to showcase their work whilst at the same time offering them an unlimited amount of leads for just £9.99 a month.

We were in the final stages of development just before we experienced a catastrophic boot drive failure on our dedicated server where the development process was being managed.

Although we had local backups of our site there was other data on the failed drive which would have set us back a considerable amount of time in order to recover and restore. To make things worse, our hosting company UKHost4U had failed to setup a reliable and secure backup to the servers RAID drive and all our data had been lost.

We used the search engine we've built to power Approved Experts to run a search for 'data recovery specialists' in London and we found 58 companies together with their contact details. To save time we sent an email to every company requesting help with the recovery of the data.

Andy was one of the first people to contact me. The depth of his knowledge was impressive as he was able to give me an accurate diagnosis of the problem in a 5 minute chat on the phone and told me there was a very good chance of recovering the servers boot drive. He gave me a quote and confirmed he could turn the disc around in about 5-7 working days. As Andy at R3 data Recovery was the first person to contact me I thought I'd wait to hear back from others in order to make a more informed decision on who to send the disc to for repair.

It didn't take long before I realised who to go with.

R3 were under half the price of almost every other data recovery specialist I spoke to. His level of knowledge, professionalism, customer service and availability filled me with confidence and there was little doubt that they seemed to be the best guys in the market to trust with this job.

Within a few days they had received the disc from my hosting company, analysed the problem and informed me that the issue was due to 'bad sectors' which had ultimately led to the failure of the disc.

They managed to do a complete clone of the drive onto a brand new disc and confirmed they had recovered 99.9% of the data. Not only that but they also provided me with a comprehensive CSV file outlining the few sectors which couldn't be read or recovered. This allowed me to analyse those files to discover if any needed to be recovered or restored from another source. It turned out none of these files were of any significant value and a 100% recovery of the data was confirmed.

The disc was immediately shipped back to my hosting company upon where it was reinstalled to the server. The only problem we had was that the drive didn't actually boot up from the cloned disc but the data was clearly there on the drive. Instead, we made a manual local copy of WHM and Cpanel with all the active accounts to another drive and we were back up and running in just a few hours exactly as we were before.

R3's attention to detail, professionalism, reliability and value for money were simply head and shoulders above everyone else I spoke to. The decision to chose them was easy and turned out to be exactly the right choice.
They saved me well over £700 compared to other quotes I received and they no doubt did a much superior job.
If you're looking for somebody to recover your data I can absolutely recommend their services. You'll save a lot of money in the process and you're dealing with some serious industry pros.

Thanks again to Neil and Andy for their help.
Kieron Bolton

Andy was really helpful with my data recovery and did an excellent job of recovering data from my mac book pro. Highly recommended.
Dr Srikrishna Harave

My I-phone was badly damaged after falling on the kitchen floor and an attempt to fix it made matters worse. I then found the back up hadn't worked and I had lost
precious photos of my sister -the last I had taken of her before she died. I tried the Apple shop but, although they were helpful, I was told the phone was in recovery
mode and would need a specialist datarecovery firm. We tried one firm we found on-line but found they weren't exactly truthful in what they said, so I looked on- line
again and found R3 Data Solutions. I contacted them and explained the problem. Andy was fantastic - he gave an honest assessment and three options for me. Though it
seemed recovering the data might prove difficult, I asked him to try and he not only managed to retrieve everything, he also mended the phone so it was a working phone
again. I can't speak highly enough of the service R3 gave me and I do not hesitate to recommend them. They are fantastic and Andy is a lovely man.
Carol Dover - OBE 

The service provided by R3 was brilliant from start to finish. They are very transparent from the offset and even though i only paid for the standard service, i still
received a new hard drive with all my data recovered within two days. I would highly recommend R3 to anyone in the same situation.
Scott Smith - Diseno

A reassuring service in a time of business crisis!

Very effective response to the problem
Tim Cassidy - BAe Systems

An exceptional service, couldn't have been more helpful and a good personal service from Andy Butler. Not cheap but you certainly get what you pay for. Would use again
without hesitation!
Sam Rogers

Very good company, Good service at a good price.
Michael Daley - Cardiff University

This was an excellent data recovery service that I would have no hesitation in recommending to anyone. The aspects of their service that impressed me the most were
their implicit understanding and sensitive handling of my stress and panic, believing I had possibly lost 10 year's worth of invaluable documentation and archiving from
my research held on a USB stick and their conscientious and out-of-hours efforts to retrieve data urgently for me and in time for an important PP presentation and they
did this all within a working day/evening.
Adrian Howells

The professional and friendly service was only topped by the urgency and reassurance they gave to our request to recover data. Other "allegedly professional" companies
failed to either recognise the urgent need for the data or gave any sign of confidence / competence to the the Task.R3 Data Solutions restored our confidence in
"business Professionalism" and are the only company I / We would recommend to recover Data at a reasonable cost.
Paul Isbell - Portinox Container Services

Excellent service!

The team stayed in contact with me throughout the job which wasn't made easier by the fact that the missing data were not written in any European language. The company
succeeded in recovering all the data which had been declared lost already by others. I do not hesitate to recommend R3 Data Solutions without any reservations at all.
Ulrich K.

A bit pricey but needs must. everything went as stated by R3 making contact easy via email.
Ashcroft - Ashcroft Trailer Hire

Fast, reliable and cheapest on the market! Can't speak more highly of the service!
Adam bharucha

An excellent service offered by the company. I was kept fully informed throughout the whole process even outside of working hours, when I had a concern. I would have no

problem in recommending this company to anyone.
Kath Thomas - Fitzalan HS

It was an experience I don't wish to go through again. Panic, sweats, tears and fear! I called a few companies and R3 was the only one who showed some 'human'
understanding of what is was like to loose all your data. I'm not computer minded & found the straight talk such a relief after all the 'tech jargon' which just made me
feel more stupid. The profesional and human touch is so rare to find in businesses these days. All my data was recovered in less than 24hrs, it was so easy and I felt
safe and in expert care the whole time. I also felt that I wasn't being taken for a ride due to my ignorance, which is an impression I got from phoning around other
companies. The 5* review can't do justice here, it was unbelievable service & an experience that restores faith in ethical business with real humans!!!

Excellent customer service throughout, and I was kept fully informed of progress. I am very pleased to have found a very professional and reliable service, and would
recommend it to anyone. The whole process from media collection to return of data was flawless and R3 Data Solutions was happy to deal with a private individual.
Adrian Clark

Very knowledgeable and friendly staff, who ensure that you are fully appraised in all the options available to you. Regular updates, and speedy service is a given.
Andrew Tait

Faced with the losing everything on my current work stick, I was on the verge of disaster when, fortunately, I was put in touch with R3 data Solutions. They explained
the options, offered an ultra high speed service and, importantly, gave me hope that recovery was possible. This hope was justified, with virtually all the files
intact. The additional extra of having the data available electronically almost immediately was marvellous - incredibly useful. Thank you R3.
Annie Dodd

Being reliant but scared of IT has never been a good mix. However my dealings with R3 Data were professional and no nonsense which led to a speedy cost effective
solution to my problem. I would highly recommend their services.
Darren Powell - Zenith International Produce Ltd

Excellent service recovering my information from a hard drive in very poor condition.
Michael Smithson - Lenton and Smithson

OK, they're slow. It took two weeks for them to turn round a 2 TB disk (the bottom one of a 5-disk Drobo RAID). But: they warned me it could be two weeks and the disk
they UPSed to me worked perfectly. I am terribly well-impressed by R3. And no, I have no connection with the company except as a satisfied customer. See MacInTouch.com
for more of my Drobo-related saga.
Peter Farrell-Vinay - Alphabite

great professional service, from start to finish. life saver!! recovered 12 months of college coursework.

I called R3 early morning after realising I had a serious problem with lost data on my office computer. They speedily rectified my problem in the most professional and
caring manner. I cannot thank them enough and would recommend them to anyone. what a superb service they provided at a very reasonable cost. Thank you very much!
Graham Lee - Acume Ltd

Very helpful and got my photos back when I was told by others I couldn't get them back. Fantastic work.
C weatherley

Very efficient and up front about the problem they encountered when recovering data from a smashed Flash memory drive, it was still only a little bit over 24 hours from
pick up to the recovered data being available to my daughter in law to complete the course work assignments that were stored on the drive.
Graham Hall

Good response in a critical situation. Very efficient process and 100% data recovery from a drive my local IT repair company said was impossible to recover.

Quality and service were excellent. The one area where there is room for improvement is regular feedback throughout the process. I would have liked to receive a text or
email confirming receipt of my damaged drive and notification of when and how the drive containing the recovered data was to be despatched together with a tracking
number so that I could be available to receive it. Failure to do so resulted in a delay which negated the efficiency of the company's repair work.
J K Butterworth - Church of England

I have nothing but praise for R3. Not only did they recover all our treasured family photos/video but they kept me informed every step of the way. Really friendly,
really helpful and totally professional. Thank you so much R3
Martin Shields

Superb service all round. Prompt response to my initial query. A clear description of the work to be done and likely costs. A very efficient turnaround from collection
to delivery and regular detailed updates. Excellent.
Chris Walmsley

What a very professional company extremely friendly and helpful. Am not very IT literate and they made me feel very comfortable dealing with them.
Susan Whalen

Superb!!! Within 5-10m of putting in an email request I received a call from their offices asking how they could help. R3 even offered to come & pick up the flash drive
from my home & delivered it back to my door promptly. The best customer service I have experienced & I reccomend them whole heartedly! :)

Job done quickly and professionally. Uni work restored and daughter very grateful.
365 office supplies

I thought my world had ended but thanks to R3 I got 100% data retrieval from my memory stick. Very prompt, human and helpful service. Would strongly recommend.
Lisa McKnight - Leeds Metropolitan University

I was extremely pleased with their service and expertise - they managed to recover the data from my hard drive when everyone else told me that it was impossible. Highly
Arron Walthall

When disaster struck, a crashed hard drive that had not been backed up for a year it was all done in a calm and understanding way. They managed to retrieve all my data
from which I have since rebuilt my PC. I have also taken steps to back up all my data much more often, as advised by R3. Can't thank them enough.
Brian McKeown

After loosing two hard drives at the same time, R3 came to the rescue. The initial contact was warm, friendly and reassuring, and this continued throughout the
'rescue'. In a relatively short time I had my data, and my 'life', safely returned.
Michael Perkins - Home

As a professional photographer, you rely on and put a lot of faith in your equipment. Most of the time everything is great, however when a hardrive falls off the table
by accident you appreciate how great R3 are when they can professionally handle my problem. From the 1st phone call Andy butler's words were "you have came to the right
place" and he was right. R3 recovered the hardrive completely and posted a replacement hardrive a couple of days later with everything on it! Great service with a
wealth of experience. I will not hesitate to recommend Andy and his team at R3. Top job guys thank you!!!
Sam McDermott - Still Photography NI

Evrything explained in an easy fashion that I understood.Data returned very quickly. Very good service.
david fisher

Very pleased with the service, it's not cheap but well worth the money when you thought the files were lost forever. Hard drive was picked up by courier the next day
after I made enquiry, recovery was 100% successful. Data was then returned to me on a flash drive by courier the day after I paid.
Karen Davis

I recently had to use Andy's data recovery services. One morning I came back to my computer to find it had locked up, and wouldn't boot up into OSX again. The hard
drive was spinning up, but couldn't be recognised by the BIOS, indicating it was more than a than a basic logical fault. This was a 1TB drive which contained a *lot* of
important data - I had backups, but they were out of date! I got in touch with R3 Data Recovery, who were also based in Sheffield, and explained the situation. Someone
came to collect the drive that day, and Andy gave me a call back with a diagnosis a couple of hours later. Unfortunately my worst fears were confirmed, and the drive
heads needed replacing. Thankfully R3 were able to source the exact replacement parts needed, fit them using their clean room, and recover all the data before sending
me 3 CSV documents containing the file list of each partition. Checking these over, everything seemed perfectly in order - it was obviously a great relief to see those
contents again! After sending payment, I received a brand new external 2TB drive containing folders for each partition with all the data intact, saving me months of
work! So I can definitely recommend the services of Andy and his team, they have the resources and know-how to get you out of a tight situation!
Robin Smallman - Bogus Noise

Great service and communication.
SS Dhanda

Very good communication both by e-mail or telephone. I was informed about the progress all along the recovery process.
Simpact Engineering

Fast job, excellent communication. Highly recommended.
Dave Phillips - Woodfield School

Friendly, Helpful, Understanding, Professional, Efficient, Quick Service. I would not hesitate to recommend them
Mrs S Brown

Excellent data recovery service. When our local IT man doubted anything could be saved on PC hard drive , R3 recovered ovee 95%. Also provided new external hard drive -
and replaced when faulty 6 months later.
Zennor Consultants Ltd

Would not be able to run our business efficiently without all our data - saved our business thank you !!1
Kim Houghton - Access Solutions

I have no real means of assessing the fees charged for this service, as this is the first time I have had to use such a service, but in terms of the potential cost of
regenerating that which was lost, it was excellent value for money.
Dave Smith

R3 Data Recovery services supplied me with an excellent service rescue at a time when I thought that all my professional web/graphic design portfolio worth 20 years of
hard work got lost irreparably, as my external hard drive that stored it broke down. Their repairing operation ran smoothly (superb phone support), in a timely manner,
and at an affordable rate. All my precious data was recovered, and for these reasons I don't hesitate to recommend them as caring professionals of the industry's
highest standards!
Paulo De Almeida - UniqueComms

brilliant price. great turnaround time. pleased.

R3 data recovery were a God send when m main backup drive containing my photo, media and file failed without any pre warning! The arranged for pick up and chased ups
when the latter were delayed in collecting the damaged drive. They contacted me immediately when they realised that the drive was beyond restoration due to a chemical
failure (cause still unknown) and didn't try to blog their way to get more money to do unnecessary tests. Andy then contacted me to check if the data was originally
migrated from another drive, which it was, and he offered a solution to attempt a recovery from my older HDD which was now formated and recording of my free view tv
which to most people meant that the older data was non recoverable. Andy was very clear about the possibility and the cost of doing this recovery attempt and the fact
that I might not get any data but would pay for the time spent on the attempt (would say the cost was very reasonable). The recovery worked, I had a good part of my
data back which was sent back to me on a new HDD, Andy and his team are still working to retrieve more files and resolve issues with problematic records. The team are
very professional and dedicated, very busy but will happily talk to you and explain where things are and the best way to progress. Many thanks to a truly professional
team passionate about what they do!
Luma - Private

Even though they were unable to recover the data as the Pen Drive failure was something they had not come across, I cannot speak highly enough as to how they detailed
everything wrong with the internal workings of the pen drive. They were honest and considerate in supporting me every step of the way, even though they could not
recover the data on my drive. I would highly recommend them.
Viv Burke - VB Accounting

Everything was very smooth, and professional.
Crispin Dawson

I had broken a USB stick that contained lots of data and unfortunately I hadn't backed it all up. I contacted the company and the advice,support and service that I
received was brilliant and was,without any doubt,worth every penny that I paid! They managed to recover ALL of the data for me and sent it back to me very quickly. I
have recommended the company to all of my colleagues and my friends.
Gill Pears - Temple Primary School

Great service and communication. Will recommend to anybody who needs a hard drive recovery. I tried pc world first and they were no use. R3 were fast and manged a 95 %
recovery of my laptop drive.
rod stewart - cromwell cottage

I have been very lucky to find such a proffessional and helful recovery firm who have done a brilliant job for very reasonable cost and in a short time.
Dennis Mulliner - n/a

Happy with service, good customer service. Prompt repairs fixed my usb within a day.
M Ali - -

The commitment of R3 Data Solutions is second to none. Engineers were available seemingly around the clock and most importantly, they recovered the data that I needed.

Excellent service. Highly responsive including out of hours and during public holiday period. I would highly recommend them.
Ed Bussey - iTrigga Media

Communication Was Superb From Start to Finnish,also the work carried out to Retrieve My Lost Holiday data from my Damaged SD Card was of High Standards! I would
Recommend Andy & His Team to anyone who needs Precious Data Recovered! The Price also reflected their Difficult IT Work carried out! Excellent Thankyou M Benbow
Michael Benbow

An excellent service to solve a problem caused by an idiot(me!.
Howard Bush

We had a very unfortunate accident, where our main server was knocked over and our hard drive was damaged. Our software maintenance engineers were unable to help us.
Fortunately the R3 Data Recovery came to the rescue and worked tirelessly over the weekend to get us up and running they kept us informed all the way through the
process and were always available on the phone. They were very professional and efficient and I would highly recommend them to anybody.
Shahram Mirtorabi - Hindley Dental Practice

Wonderful service, did everything they promised and delivered on time
Richard Wilson - Phoenix Futures

One of our main RAID Servers went down. We needed the data urgent. R3 organised a courier, within 1 hour it was collected and soon back with them. They worked
throughout the night, keeping me consistently up to date. The whole issue was resolved within 24 hours, ensuring we were back up and running. I cannot thank and Praise
these guys enough!!
Aaron Roach - Andrew Wommack Ministries - Europe

It cost me more than I expected, but got my data back very quickly.
Roy Vickers

Brilliant service, highly recomended
Joanne Fahey - Abbey Nursing & Care Agency

Quick and very efficient and rescued all the important data that I thought I had lost which was a great relief.
Tony Liddle - N/A

Good customer support over the phone keeping me updated on what was going on. Got all my data back and sent it back on a really neat device. Well pleased with the
service. Would definity recommend.
Peter Mayes

Excellent fast service, very professional, answered all my questions, very friendly. Would recommend.
Julie Potter

very quick and an affordable service

100% recovery of data that I should have had backed up elsewhere! Saved me a lot of heartache and rework. Very fast turnaround and the call after the analysis had been
done was most reassuring.
Ian Ridley - Canimar Ltd

Just great - my laptop stopped working completely, my IT dept couldn't get it going so I sent it to R3who returned all of my pictures and documents to me a week or so
later. Fantastic service, thanks very much.
Steven Hamilton

Professional from first to last. Realistic and honest - no hard sell. Hope I have learnt my lesson!!
Swincar Nurseries

Our problem was dealt with quickly and professionally. The user was very pleased (and relieved) at the result.
Frances Brown - University of Bedfordshire

Very pleased with the service provided by R3after experiencing a hard disk failure. Hope I never need them again though. Would reccommned to anyone with a faulty 2TB
western digital drive.
Gary Jenkins

The people I dealt with were excellent and tried to help me understand what was going on with my drive. They did everything possible to get my work back to me on time,
which they did. Thanks, it is much appreciated.
Rebecca Bromilow

excellent service good communication on progress of job job done within a few days
debbie hall - orchard press

They were a very helpful company and explained what they did clearly, were able to be contacted easily and performed the work to a high standard.
Phil Jack - N/A

Great service and communication throughout. Chosen because they allowed me to send my storage device in for the restored files - didn't force the sale of another device
Shamus Kelly

Excellent service. Would have been interested in a detailed technical report of the problem.
Richard Jefferies

I found R3 to be polite, helpful and very professional. If I have a gripe it was about the length of time it took but to be fair this was out of their hands given
specific parts needed to be sourced. Overall very happy with the service.
Paul Durrant - NDYAL

Excellent service and very quick to deliver.
Steve Usher - Bailey Eng and Des Consultants Ltd

Excellent service. Jamie and team did a cracking job in retrieving the data. Will use again if required.
Nadeem Bashir

Very friendly and reassuring but more importantly they found the files that were deleted. R3 provided a fixed price and only charged once we confirmed the file list
provided. It is reassuring that such companies exist, but hopefully they will never be needed again.
Lesley Goodman - HR Services

R3 provided an excellent recovery service for critical data. The personal response and guidance was similarly helpful and professional. Being 6000kms distant when
initially addressing the problem, this was all very re-assuring.
Dr Steve Foster - Graffins College - Nairobi, Kenya

Excellent service. Fast, friendly, efficient and proffessional. Very pleased with the outcome. I will certainly recommend to anyone with IT problems. Thank You! Richard
Richard Dixon - Dixon Construction (Stafford) Ltd

R3 Ltd successfully recovered virtually all data from a disk which we'd reckoned to be completely unreadable after being dropped. The task took longer than originally
anticipated due to the state of the disk, but R3 kept us informed of progress and we are very pleased with the result.
Derek Dongray

Very helpful, professional & great value for money. Recommended.
Helen Watson

I needed to rescue very important data from a damamaged USB stick. They provided an outstanding and very effeicient service. The company were very clear about what they

could do and what I was to expect and unlike other companies they delivered on their promises.
Andy Rannard

Good, professional service. My contact with R3 was favourable. Jamie, who I dealt with, was customer focused and ensured all promises were kept. I would certainly
recommend R3 to colleagues.
Christopher Shaw

good service with extremely helpful staff.
Marion Hall - Open University

A prompt and helpful service. They kept us up to date with the progress of our data retrieval and restored everything fully, returning the data within the agreed time
frame.Thank You!!
Jane E Burke - St Joseph's Catholic and Church of England Primary School

This one proffesional company, I would have no doubts recomending them.
m clark

My customer was thrilled with what was accomplished. I will certainly be sending more business in the future.
William H. Smith IV - NuFix tmi: Rajamäki, Finland

Excellent service, very pleased, thankyou
emma freeston

Brilliant service. Recovered flash data for me that no one else could manage out here in Singapore. Recommended wherever you live!
Rowena Michaels - n/q

Very professional from start to end and reasssured me that my data was in the best possible hands
Paul Thomas

Needed data on a hard drive with failed electronics recovering. Looked for a company based in the North West and came accross VenSys. The call was dealt with
professionally and promptly (well within the quoted return time) and offered excellent value for money in comparison to some of the nationwide data recovery companies.
Thoroughly reccommended.
Sam Lieberman - JBA Consulting

This service was provided Through Dell for my XPS Laptop, and the service was fast, complete and efficient!
Sebastian Gilbert

Friendly advice, followed by prompt and good value service
Roy Johnson - Mantex

Very quick and efficient. Kept me informed on progress.
Clive Llewellin - RLG International Ltd

I had a over 20GB of personnal data (documents/music/pictures and video) sitting on a hard disc which was not accessible or bootable. I contacted R3 and they diagnosed
the problem over the phone and using their standard service they were able to recover all of it. Fantastic result and brilliant service all within a couple of weeks.
Very grateful and I would thoroughly recommend them to anyone with the same issue. Massive thanks to Jamie and the team - uou guys ARE the best!
Brian Farrelly

I was very happy with the speed at which R3 were able to recover my holiday photos. I thought that I had lost them forever - but luckily R3 were able to come to the
rescue. I also thought that the way they advised on the number of images they were able to recover before you made a financial commitment was very fair. Thank you for
all your help!
Fergus - NA

great - definitely use again and recommend
daniel letts - thinkersblock ltd

A fast service, with good communication all the way.
Hannah Rogers

We've sent a couple of dead hard disks back for data recovery and both times have been very impressed with the quality and speed of service.
Matthew Reardon - Netex Systems Limited

R3 were the only company to quote a fair price for my work. The job was done quickly and they kept in contact with me to let me know what was going on. I would
recommend them to everyone looking for a timely, value for money service
Des Donnelly - Property Avenue Limited

Recovery was carried out very efficiently for me and urgent data sent to me via "Dropbox" so I could access it immediately. Price was a little dearer than originally
quoted though because of damage to disc heads requiring replacements.
David Quinnell

A great service and the lowest all in price we were quoted. Highly satisfied with the service and speed of turnaround. Thank you R3
Tony Woodward

Unfortunately they were unable to get the data I had foolishly lost. However, they never made false promises with regards to the chances of success and were
professional and courteous throughout my dealings with them, and I would not hesitate to use again.
Richard Jones - R H Jeffs & Rowe

When my laptop stopped working all of a sudden, i was devastated. I was working on my PhD thesis and i thought i lost this with all the precious photos of my two
babies. My fear was confirmed when a local IT guy said he cannot retrive any of my data from the hard drive. That's when i started looking for data retrival companies
on the interent. I wasn't sure whom to go to, especially if you do not know much about computers or HDD. But i am most ecstatic today to say that i have made the right
choice. R3 Data recovery has managed to recover all my precious data and pics. They have been very professional and extremely helpful. They really understood how
important the data was for me and updated me as and when they made progress on the recovery.They really care for the customers and i would happily recommend them to
anyone. Many thanks to everyone at R3 Data Recovery once again..You guys have been brilliant.
L Kottam - University of Sheffield

This is the first time I've ever had to call on anyone for data recovery and from the start R3 Data Recovery were amazing. At 8.30pm minutes after filling out an online
info request form I received a call and was able to discuss my drive's problem with a well informed and proficient engineer. The service which followed was quick,
efficient, friendly and professional and although I hope I'd never have cause to use them again I wouldn't hesitate to do so should the need arise!
Russell Lewis - Russell Lewis Photography

You were clear, helpful and efficient, listened carefully and explained fully. I am really pleased with your service and mightily relieved to recover documents and
photos I thought might be lost forever. I would use you again (though I hope it will never be necessary!)
Penelope Bentley

We were in the middle of an intense mobile commitment when the hard drive on a Mac died. As part of the ensuing panic on discovering essential material had not fully
backed up (Lesson, I know) i happened on R3 via Google. Subsequent call, over a weekend provided reassurance, support and direction, followed by a detour by Andy to
pick up the dead drive from my house. Service thereafter was calm, professional and rapid, with excellent feedback and advice which saved us money. Overall, R3
displayed a genuine talent for reducing a crisis to a drama. We now have all the essential information back. I wholeheartedly recommend R3.
Richard Merrick - Eatonbank Ltd

Top notch professionalism and I felt my data was in good hands
JEnny Lyons

Andy Butler was incredibly knowledgable, helpful, swift and professional. He kept me uptodate with the recovery process and returned my data quickly. This service was
extremely reasonable compared to other quotes I received. I would recommend this company to colleagues, friends and family.
Rev Annie Kirke - Church of England, Diocese of London

I asked the team at R3 data recovery to help me with a total hard drive failure - others said it was unrecoverable - R3 got it back with a 24 hour turnaround. All
complete and on a new drive and delivered to my door. Five star service from a five star company. Would never use anyone else for data recovery.
John Collins

Firstly, I truly thought all my data was lost (work and private). But, I would like to thank your company and Andy Butler for the excellent service you gave me for the
data recovery from my corrupted NESO (HITACHI) External 500Gb HDD in terms of: • The speed of action • Going over and above what is expected in terms of customer
service • Ensuring that I received the software the same day even that the server had experienced some technical difficulties! Having reviewed the data that I saved
from my drive, I found all of the data in there that would have been lost forever. I can only all heartedly recommend your services to everybody after what I have
experienced. It is re-assuring to know that there are still companies and people out there that take their work seriously and are prepared to help other people in their
hour of need! Once again a MASSIVE thank you for all your help, without you I would have been in deep trouble with work and would have lost lots of very valuable and
irreplaceable memories forever! Tasso Papadopoulos, Registered Hearing Aid Audiologist, Wigan
Tasso Papadopoulos - Registered Hearing Aid Audiologist

i thought the data on my memory stick was lost forever,until i sent it to R3 DATA RECOVERY,and they came up trumps by rescuing the files on the stick,ill be forever
grateful, and ill certainly use them again,many thanks R3
Billy Paul

From my first phone call to delivery the whole process was polite, informative and fast. The highest compliment I can give is that I would recommend R3 without
Gavin Gamble

We had hard drives with data that needed recovery. There are many data companies out there, what I can say, is having tried various 'others' over the years, we would
only use R3 DataRecovery Ltd. When others have failed to recover anything, R3 Data found everything we needed and ensured it was recoverable. In these matters, it's not
about the price. Professional Quality Counts.
SQUADRA Pro Cycling Ltd

Honest and no-nonsense service from a company that clearly knows what it's doing. Upfront about technical aspects of recovery and cost. Recommended.

Feilds rated my drive unrecoverable but R3 Diagnosed it better and fixed it faster and cheaper. Still £300 is a lot of money for nine files (which is all I needed and
got) but competitive in the market I think
Howard Faning

Very efficient service. Gave me good advice and recovered almost all my data. Would definately use again. Did not seek alternative quotations so rated value for money
only against what I thought it might cost.
Andrew Lester - Aitken Turnbull Architects

very helpful and friendly. also very helpful afterwards.
craig sawers

My dealings have been with Andy Butler. I found them to be very knowledgeable & professional.
 paul beetham - kingfisher windowsw

First class service. Helpful and informative service on the phone, speedy resolution of problem with accompanying reduction of stress! My work felt in capable and
reliable hands. I would highly recommend R3 Data Recovery Ltd.
Marie Bradley - Marie Bradley Child Psychotherapy

After being told that my external hard-drive was beyond repair by another computer repair company, I approached R3 Data Recovery to help. I was quite expensive, but the
data I wished to recover was priceless. Quick and efficient service and very grateful the data could be recovered.

Andy and his team rescued me twice.Firstly by stopping me using the services of a less than good competitor and secondly by delivering exactly what was required in a
timely and professional manner. No over selling expectation, and delivery of my lost data quickly and simply...Perfect.
Phil Davis - iWeb EMEA Ltd

excellent prompt work
N Viswanathan

Very good service, professional and quick turn around but pretty expensive.
Ben Perett - n/a

Very professional, friendly and helpful. Brilliant customer service
Patricia Brooks

They did what I wanted quickly and helpfully. SK
Stephen King - None

Very approachable team who deal with your individual requirements. Although, seemingly expensive,R3 data provide an excellent, first class service.
Home Desk Top

The agent that dealt with our issue was very professional, informative and couldnt (in my opinion) do more.
James - ComputerCare

The team at R3 really know their onions and after speaking to them you feel like your data is in safe hands! I've only used them a couple of times and fingers crossed
won't need to for a while but there is no doubt where my next broken hard drive will be going!
Ronnie Garrod - Abix Technology

i found R3 data to be extremely helpful and that they went the extra mile when my daughter in law needed files from a broken usb stick to be urgently recovered,i would
definately recommend them to others
ann rodgers

Hi there, This is Jane Hooy and I called R3 data recovery panicking thinking that all my files are corrupted and my homework (video files) are all gone! thank goodness
that I met a very professional IT technician who patiently guided me and helped me step by step to solve my problems. Now I finally got my files and I am very relieve
and thankful. Thank you!
Jane Hooy

Data Recovery Ltd were very, very helpful from beginning to a final and happy conclusion of recovering my daughter's vital university course work from her damaged
memory stick. They kept me informed every step of the way and went far and beyond being helpful. A pleasure to do business with them.
Elaine Adams - Elaine Adams PR

Their recovery service was quite expensive for me, but for the quality of service, speed and results it was worth it. Very quick communication and quick results.
Georgi Georgiev

Very helpful. Continued until the problem was completely resolved. Excellent I would certainly recomend. These people actually know what they are doing
TONY MASSINGHAM - FirstFourBusiness

I was unhappy with the amount of time it took to get the files recovered. It would also have been nicer if the company had kept in touch more to provide an update.
Overall though I was pleased to the files recovered.
 laura mumby

Great customer assistance, reliability and punctuality in solving the problem within the predicted time slot. Recommendable.

the person who dealt with my enquiry was amazing he helped me all the way well impressed
kevin woods - prestige engiens and gearboxes ltd