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DeepSpar Professional Data Recovery (PDR)

DeepSpar Professional Data Recovery (PDR)

Introducing: The DeepSpar PDR System™

There is more to professional data recovery than technology!

The DeepSpar Professional Data Recovery (PDR) System™ is a complete solution of knowledge, technology, methodology and business management tools that solves the everyday challenges of professional data recovery (PDR) technicians and managers. The PDR System takes most of the risk out of building and growing a professional data recovery company . . . and gives you confidence of a successful adventure.

DeepSpar Disk Imager (DDI) review by Andy Butler - abc Data Recovery Ltd 20/6/2010

As  director of ABC Data Recovery Ltd I cannot recommend this device enough to anyone with data recovery requirements, the DeepSpar Disk Imager (DDI) is an all in one data recovery-cloning tool. 

After initial evaluation we ordered 6 DDI we are now running 18 DDI full time and they ensure our data recovery labs remain highly productive, improving our efficiency and allowing us to expand in a highly competitive market.

The DeepSpar DDI gives an excellent ROI, helping reduce the true cost of the cloning operation.
 This improves my technician’s flexibility and we can concentrate on more complex repair and rebuild  operations, where previously a software imaging system would require constant monitoring and reset operations, the programming in the DDI reduces technician involvement and  fits well with our safe data recovery procedures, every drive sent in for repair or recovery is imaged and our success rates  maximised.

We provide our professional  hard disk rebuild services not only to   IT Professionals and Data Recovery Companies throughout the UK, Europe, USA and Japan but also direct to consumers and small businesses.

I can certainly say ABC Data Recovery Ltd is powered by DeepSpar!

Andy Butler
Managing Director
ABC Data Recovery Ltd.
Security House