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Physical Drive Failures

Physical Drive Failures
Hard drive data recovery services tend to fall in the main into two very distinct categories which are often expressed as physical and logical.


Physical categories just as the name implies are problems that can affect storage media due to some form of mechanical failure. Often mechanical failures will require a hard drive repair of some description but if the problem is caught early enough and for some types of physical failure a hard disk repair may not be necessary.

Physical failures may include head crashes, drive degradation causing bad sectors, actuator failure, power surges that damage the main PCB , hard drive motor damage, firmware corruption , seized bearings, media damage, controller errors, platter damage and hard drive overheating due to computer ventilation issues.

Some mechanical problems if not diagnosed early enough can go on to cause further damage and irrecoverable data problems for example a hard drive head drive crash . When the head crashes it can create particles in the drive which subsequently can cause further crashes and then a vicious spiral ensues until the data on the platter is beyond recovery this degradation of the platter surface is often first noticed as a slowing of the computer system performance as the data transfer performance decreases to such a point where files become inaccessible or the system failes to boot.

Drives that have physical faults fall into 5 main types and need experts with specialist tools, data recovery equipment and facilities

Electronic PCB failure, blown smooth chip, controller chips, sata connections or power connectors.

Mchanical spindle failure requiring a clean room for the platter swap

Head stack failure requiring the HSA - Head stack Assembly to be replaced with a donor parts.

Logical problems due to platter surface damage  . degradation, requiring specialist imaging cloning equipment. 

Firmaware corruption requiring specialist reprogramming of the hard disk firmware code.

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