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NUS Data-Recovery

NUS Data-Recovery
Address: Security House,
Royds Mill,
Postcode: S4 7WB
Town/City: London
Type: Data Recovery Company
Website: Visit Website
Telephone: 0845 2006 721
As a specialist data recovery service our key role is to recover data from all types of media storage, such as; USB drives, SD cards, laptop drives, zip drives and PC hard disk drives for students and acedemics.

We are backed by the UK's main data recovery lab


We offer a FREE quote analysis for your recovery together with a NO recovery – NO fee guarantee. We can organise collection and delivery via our courier service or you can send via Royal Mail recorded delivery. Our usual standard turnaround time is 48 hours from receipt of your device.

We also offer special data recovery discounts for NUS extra card holders

Once your data has been successfully recovered you can decide how we return it to you. - either pressed onto CD / DVD or USB drive and you can select to access it via secure FTP when you can download the data at your leisure as we will give you 7 day access to our secure server! You also can pay us over the phone using your credit or debit card.

FREE diagnostics within 24 hrs
FREE production of a file listing of recoverable data
No Data - No Fee guarantee
FREE post recovery support for 10 days
DISCOUNTS for NUS extra card holders
DISCOUNTS if employed in an educational capacity                       

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