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Moving Home ? Consider the safety and security of your data.

Moving Home ? Consider the safety and security of your data.

Make sure you think of your data when planning to move home.

When preparing to move home, make sure you consider the safety and security of your important data.

In peparing for the move many people will take a lot of care in protecting their most precious possessions, but how many of us take the trouble to backup our pc to an external hard disk or carefully pack our storage devices.

If a hard disk drive is dropped or knocked during the move it is possible that the drive will be damaged and arrive with the dreaded "click of death".

Often most drives suffer from damage despite being the only item you decide not to place in the packing boxes, because in taking personal charge of the device it is often not packed safely and in worse case scenarious gets mislaid during the move.

A good way to protect any device during carriage is to surround it with bubble wrap and place it in a sturdy cardboard box.

In theory the cardboard and the bubble wrap will act as a shock absorber reducing the rate of accelleration with which the hard disk drives comes to rest.

Another useful tip is to not place any hard disk, memory stick or mobile phone close to other heavy items with powerful magnets like  stereo speakers, there is a chance that the data could be corrupted by the magnetic interference.

This applies for laptops, computers external storage devices, memory sticks, mobile phones and pda.

Do not assume that SSD drives are less likely to fail, they can still break, flex and suffer from electrical and magnetic interference rendering your data inaccessble.

In the event that during the move your data becomes inaccessible because of damage sustained during transit, the insurance company will want to be assured that the device was sufficiently well packaged before they will consider paying for a data recovery company to rescue your data.