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More Compare Data Recovery Sites Launched By Fields

More Compare Data Recovery Sites Launched By Fields
More compare data recovery sites operated by  Fields Data Recovery *
I should say that Fields Group will say that I am a hostile competitor. My Name is Andy Butler and I and a team of technicians developed a data recovery lab which tried to help as many of the victims as possible to get their data and money back.

Very few have been willing to take on a government grant funded corporation which uses the UK Legal System for malicious, vexatious and costly cout cases and High Court Injunctions.

I have continued to help the victims because I had the capacity to do it, where I went wrong was not realising how far these corporate conmen would go to cover up what they have been up to .

Here is a link to my convoluted story " A Hard drive broke my back "

The Fields Group was developed from UK Digital Solutions web design business. Their portfolio contains numerous sites which have been exposed for defrauding consumers, misrepresentation and funded through the  Welsh Assembly governement grant gravy train.


Fields are attempted to gain credence by  using fake review and testimonial websites.
www.comparedatarecovery.co.uk was created by commisioned by Fields Associates although they denied it at first


Try to find some real data recovery testimonials about Fields or Rapid Data.

Here are just a few sites Fields have had developed.

http://www.best-pick-data-recovery.com/fields_data_recovery.html -

http://www.data-recovery-europe-blog.com/Fields_Data_Recovery.html -










Often software recoveries will fail, the drive if faulty afterall is at risk of complete failure and being put beyond recovery by a reputable data recovery lab.

Software recoveries start at £79, but if the drive is not faulty you can do this yourself  (Do it Yourself Data recovery)

Fields Data Recovery claim to have been perfoming data recovery since 1993, yet the company was only incorporated in 2008 with the other dissolved company Rapid Data

RAPID DATA RECOVERY LIMITED 06694289  OLD FIELD ROAD, BRIDGEND, CF355LJ  CF355LJ  None Filed  Company is dissolved  .

What they have been trading as since 2000 is as a web design consultancy UK Digital Solution Ltd, but with a differrence, they steal their clients ideas.

One such idea was Quickie Divorce reality is Fields claim to be experts in everything from Pseudo pimping of  young women offerring them money in their hour of need to data recovery and payment protection insurance claims, will writing and industrial tribunals processing.
But beware this Papermill has attracted substantial critism and for the past year investigations into their operations have been undertaken by many competitors who were maligned by the Just Compare /  Compare IT website www.comparedatarecovery.co.uk.

Compare IT Ltd (Director David Woolls) also supplied fake testimonials on the Fields Group website. and Just Compare Ltd (Directors Daryl Hamilton Wallis and Richard John Lewis Cable  ) had attempted to destroy the marketing of their competitors using PPC click domination not only by using their "brands"

Fields Data Recovery
Rapid Data Recovery

richard_glyn_lewis_cleanbreak.jpg rgl_quickiedivorce.jpg custody-richardglewis.jpg fields_associates_experts.jpg

They often try to claim to be the cheapest but Fields Data Recovery has been exposed for their scams.

Fields brands do dominate PPC and there are documented instances where their seperate brands charged for successive unsuccessful rebuilds without warning consumers it was the same company they were actually dealing with, this double dipping shows how unscrupulous these marketeers are who's slogan is " Unrelenting growth through sector domination" 


Beware of any Data Recovery lab linked to Rapid Data or Fields - based near Bridgend  / Cardiff .

This is not a competitor bashing article, it exposes the actual methods used by  Fields Data recovery to destroy competition whilst using their profits from their other "Papermills" filling out forms for  - online divorce, online seperation agreements, online wills, online CV's   to quash any complaints using their "in -house solicitor" - however the evidence is damning and the courts will not tolerate the lies.