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Microsoft Exchange Recovery

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Microsoft exchange server is probably the most widely used e-mail management systems in use today and when if the system fails having a Microsoft exchange recovery solution in place should be high on the list of all companies disaster recovery plans.

As companies increasingly become more focussed on customer retention an increasing number of CRM systems and  Sharepoint Server are using outlook or tie into the exchange database as a source of accessing or storing customer data.

MS Exchange server recovery protocols should be well established as vital and well practiced methodologies to ensure business continuity in the event of an exchange server failure which can result either from a hardware or raid server failure or through an exchange database or mail store (edb) corruption.

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MS Exchange Server Recovery

While this is a very robust solution when failure does occur this can have a devastating effect on a companies business and/or profitability. Equally in today’s society clients are groomed to have almost instant feedback and a companies inability to either send or receive electronic mail in a timely manner is critical to success in many market sectors.

Exchange server specialists will be able to help with corrupt exchange server databases (edb/stm), mail retrieval, lost or damaged e-mails, attachments and other mail properties as well as server rebuilds.

In the event of deliberate deletion of company files and documents Microsoft exchange recovery experts can also help with computer forensics analysis to determine the source of deliberate data deletion.

Microsoft exchange server has undergone some huge changes and massive upgrades since its roll out towards the end of 1994 and like most software it has become far more feature rich and, by the same virtue much more complex to configure or troubleshoot.

Exchange server 2007 was enhanced to run on the latest generation 64-bit windows server environment to aid performance which will prove troublesome for companies still running previous versions on 32- bit platforms as any upgrade will require new server hardware, but with exchange server 2010 due for full release mid to late 2009 some companies will leapfrog the 2007 version anyway.

Full details of of Microsoft Exchange Server 2010 can be found on the Microsoft website.

Risk Reduction

Having suffered from an exchange server recovery problem this is like it or not an ideal time to re-assess both your hardware specifications and your server backup and server recovery protocols. Given the importance of your critical e-mail data to the business, running such an important application on outdated or under specified hardware is a recipe for disaster. Equally it may be pertinent to update your current backup policy to include online server backup.

Equally it may be pertinent to update your current backup policy to include online server backup. Online server backup is seen by many IT specialists to be one of the key aspects of a successful disaster recovery plan, apart form the obvious risk removal of have your essential data stored elsewhere from an operational viewpoint it also has some major advantages too, not least of which is that essential data can still be accessed by the business even in the event of a critical server failure.

The best way forward here will most probably to see this as an ideal time to commission a business continuity audit and you exchange server recovery team may be able to help you with this as well. 

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It is important never to delete any files associated with the mail store, especially transaction logs, additionally advice should be sourt from and exchange specialist when restoring a recovered exchange database.

In the event of an
exchange server disaster speak to a MS exchange specialist as a matter of priority before attempting a self repair. For Exchange and Sharepoint recovery software there are proprietory solutions developed for in house by data recovery companies, for IT Professionals and Microsoft Server Support professionals Ontrack produce powercontrols for exchange and sharepoint.

Call 0800 999 3282 if your server has sufferred from errors similar to the following:-

Hard drive recovery, memory stick repair, RAID array rescue, and Solid state device (SSD) data recovery.