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Metamorphosis Exhibition - Abc Data Recovery Services To The Rescue

Metamorphosis Exhibition - Abc Data Recovery Services To The Rescue
Metamorphosis 2010 Summer Arts College exhibition

20 January – 25 February 2011

This exhibition celebrates the work of young people, aged 14 –17, who attended the Wessex Youth Offending Team 2010 Summer Arts College. 

During their sessions at the John Hansard Gallery and Southampton Solent University in August, with image-makers Kristianne Drake and Tom Stallard, participants responded to the brief of‘metamorphosis’ for their Bronze and Gold Arts Awards through photography.

The resulting works showcased here poignantly consider issues of identity and evolution.


With special thanks to: volunteers David Cornforth, Katrina Graef, Nikki Olley and Xavier Fiddes for all their hard work; Simon Hettrick and ABC Data Recovery for their generosity; and Rosy Maguire and Simon Griggs for their support.


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