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Maxtor Hard Drives

Maxtor Hard Drives

Maxtor like many computer technology companies is relatively young and began its life in 1982 and was founded by James McCoy, Jack Swartz, and Raymond Niedzwiecki who notably where all ex IBM employees. Maxtor decided to focus on hard drive capacity in it's early models as storage capacities at the time were very low and Maxtor's first shipping drive was a stunning (but not by today’s standards) 140 mb.

Maxtor also broke away from the mainstream at the time and developed it's drive with an internal motor as opposed to an external one which was common practice at the time.


The company went through many challenges involving acquisitions and developments and in 1992 was close to bankruptcy but the company survived and subsequently purchased the Quantum hard drive business in 2000 which launched them back into the mainstream mass market.

In more recent times the company management made what was considered by many industry plaudits to be some question decision about the companies directions including there withdrawal from the rapidly expanding 2.5 inch drive market sector but subsequently Maxtor was purchased by one of it's main competitors and now operates as a brand of Seagate .

Click here for Maxtor's main site .

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