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Mark Lewis Helping Those Affected By Scams

Mark Lewis Helping Those Affected By Scams

The scandal surrounding the News of the World mobile phone hacking  has revealed just how some corporations have attempted to achieve their goals whilst breaking the law.

Sometimes its could be put down to a mistake in judgement, a bad day or a rogue in the ranks.

But sometimes it is just a case of bad practice being endemic and part of the corporate culture.

So how do you compete against a competitor willing to do anything including hack mobile phones, skype chats and even send people to your house to bully, intimidate and even physically assault you - would you compete with such a corporation?

Why would a £multimillion corporation attempt to put a small competitor out of business and then complain the back street operation does not go down without first exposing what they were doing ?

How many victims of the mobile phone scams have been reported to the Police ?

And how many of the computer hacking scams will come to light, just how much information did Operation Ore reveal ? 

Q. What is the connection between Hacking Scams and the Fields Data Recovery Scam ?
A. The victims were treated maliciously by those using coporate bullying
to crush their victims complaints and competitors through High Court Injunctions.

Dowler family lawyer Mark Lewis says former News International CEO Rebekah Brooks
 will be a symbol of the press causing people to suffer .

 Accusations of paying for information from Police admitted.