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Many Happy Returns With Kingston Usb Drives

Many Happy Returns With Kingston Usb Drives
Many happy returns with Kingston USB drives


Many happy returns with Kingston USB drives
When the experts send back the vital data they recover from damaged USB drives, they take care to transfer it onto a brand of memory stick they trust completely.

USB drives are part of 21st century life. We rely on them implicitly. They carry our spreadsheets and our PowerPoint presentations, our draft reports and our holiday snaps, our PhD theses and our sales forecasts. But what happens when the little stick with this critical data takes a trip through the washing machine or falls under the wheels of a passing car? Sheffield-based ABC Data Recovery has developed unmatched expertise in salvaging data from failed or damaged USB drives
ABC Data Recovery sees hundreds of dead or damaged USB drives each month. Every one of them tells a story. Some have been chewed by dogs. Others have been microwaved, washed and tumble dried or run over. Accidents will happen. Others have been pressed into service as emergency screwdrivers, ending up with twisted and unusable connectors.

Whatever the reason, the business-critical data for the big tender bid or the global launch presentation is abruptly unavailable. Deals, mergers, even jobs may be at risk.

Andy Butler, whose group of data solutions companies has grown rapidly since 2005, is used to seeing the mangled and mistreated USB drives that arrive in the post each day. But his experts have developed advanced techniques that deliver percentage success rates way up in the 90s. Vital information held on damaged drives can almost always be recovered, either by making temporary repairs or by reading the raw data straight from the internal storage chip.

“Good quality branded memory sticks don’t often fail,” he says. “We mainly see them because of misuse or external problems like a big power surge,”

Big brand USB drives aren’t the problem. It’s when buyers try to cut corners that they run into difficulties.

“People, and companies, too, can’t resist the lure of a bargain,” says Butler. “It doesn’t seem to occur to them that a top branded product is manufactured to a much higher standard and is unlikely to be given away at a knockdown price.

“People who try to save on price are often shocked to find it costs them far more in the long run, when something goes wrong.”

Rescuing data from USB drives and other solid state devices is a growth area for ABC Data Recovery, and Butler has recently launched another specialist company, VenSys Ltd, based in Manchester, to meet the surging demand.


But the group’s core business is built around working on damaged hard drives in its world-class ISO 14644 Class-3 clean room. It handles data recovery, PCB and firmware problems, platter and head stack swaps and recovery of large-scale RAID arrays.

The team’s smallest recovery projects – for individual but crucial spreadsheets and documents – have been less than 1MB. The largest so far involved 7.2 terabytes of data, equal to one-third of all the printed material collected in the US Library of Congress.

“We use Kingston Technology because I never want to hear anyone say ‘The stick you supplied the returned data on has died.’ When you depend on word of mouth, you don’t want to take any chances”  
                                                                        – Andy Butler, ABC Data Recovery


Where small amounts of data are involved, it is sent by email, using password protected files, or by FTP download. But most of ABC’s relieved customers get their data back on the highest-quality USB drives.

“We’ve offered Kingston Technology’s DataTraveler USB drives within our fixed price data recovery service for the last two years,” says Butler. “They’re well made, very reliable and cost-effective.

“We use Kingston Technology because I never want to hear anyone say ‘The stick you supplied the returned data on has died.’ When you depend on word of mouth, you don’t want to take any chances.”   
A top manufacturer like Kingston Technology will produce millions of USB drives each year. When one of them ends up with ABC Data Recovery, it is usually obvious why. It is almost always a question of accidental damage or physical abuse, and burned or crushed casings or mutilated USB connections need little explanation.

But there are so many of these minor disasters every week, across the country, that the company now provides data recovery back-up for several High Street electronics stores and many IT companies in Europe and the US.
“The key to this business is trust,” says Butler. “We have built up exceptional expertise in our field, but we still need to give people every possible reassurance. We put a lot of explanation and information on our websites, with fixed prices and automated job tracking so customers are always in the picture, and we give a no data, no fee guarantee.

“We also feature photos of the Kingston Technology DataTraveler, to emphasise our professionalism and show customers that the recovered data is returned to them on a top quality USB drive.

“We’d obviously lose a lot of today's data recovery work if buyers took the hint from this and stuck to the best branded memory sticks. But I'd be happy with that.  

“I hate the way so many people put their data at risk. I want my technicians to use their skills to help in real emergencies, when a device is accidentally damaged or faulty due to a power surge, rather than trying to rescue data from a USB drive someone thought might make a handy screwdriver.”

To find out how DataTraveler memory sticks from Kingston Technology keep your information safe, visit www.rememberkingston.com

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