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Mac Arthur Park Revisited

Mac Arthur Park Revisited
Mac Arthur Park*  Revisited - Those of you aware of the online data recovery scams may appreciate this !

 Since this article was first written Fields have been settling out of court with many who have realised they were defrauded, they have also been posting fake data recovery reviews and review websites. Worse they have bullied and attacked their victims to the point of harrassment, lets hope the Judge re-instates the data-recovery-blog.com forum for the victims of Fields Data Recovery.,

I too was awarded an extra-ordinary damages award after Fields attempted to use their "in house legal team" to bring a vexatious claim against me. read "
have you been mulcted"

Fields solicitor stated in court to the Judge that Fields have :- " a good working relationship with Bridgend Trading Standards going back 5 years"    what an extra-ordinary claim to make ! 570 Complaints and 10 interventions by TS at Bridgend is just a fraction of those affected.

For those of you have been on the receiving end of the Fields Data Recovery scam it may come as no surprise that Fields still cannot recover drives that their expensive forensic reports or leading data recovery experts say are beyond recovery yet other labs recover.  

Most will never know how they were defrauded...

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Bocum Park  - Mac Arthur Park - Its all Hocus Pocus

It was one of the most unforgetable pop hits of the 60s and 70s, interminably long and totally incomprehensible, spoken not sung, you couldn't sing along to it or dance to it, and best of all, your parents hated it


"what's all this about?"  they would say peevishly--they understood the Rolling Stones and knew why  it was their duty to hate them, but this was strange, with lyrics you could make out but still made no sense and we, the teenagers of that time, knew it was our duty to watch Top of the Pops and to listen to the Top 20 with Alan Freeman on Sunday teatime (when we should have been finishing our homework) but we secretly agreed with the wrinklies---what was it all about????

Well, now I can tell you.....it was a 20th century parable, the meaning of which has only just become clear and the Rapid Rise of the internet rogue and the scams in the fields of datarecovery show we need to be wiser and less trusting of those that would put such importance in a fake degree or aspirations to be market leaders through sector domination e-warfare and online papermills. 

MacArthur Park* itself isn't a Park with swings, lakes, grass & flowerbeds, no, it's a business park,situated anywhere in the world, where business men ply their trades and make vast amounts of money offering their services to customers who don't even have to visit the park (in fact, it's probably better if you don't), you can do your transaction all over the internet and never have to meet a human being face to face. The only people who will ever have any fun down there are the Park-keepers, not the visitors.

So why would you ever want to visit such a Park?---well, those businessmen we talked about before have all these wonderful treats to offer, for a price obviously but there you go, they are in business and nobody expects something for nothing, do they? Or to pay large amounts of money out for nothing in return? do they?

So there we are in MacArthur Park * , having a nice time, getting things sorted out, help with your divorce problems, your industrial tribunal, your convayancing, maybe you have problems with your computer, there's always someone in the Park who can help (at a price) or at least offer to help.

now we come to the bit that always drove my parents mad.....SOMEONE LEFT THE CAKE OUT IN THE RAIN what cake, where did that come from? the cake can be whatever you have brought to the Park to have repaired, for help to sort out, you know if you go to a cake-shop you have to pay, well it's the same when you go to the park, isn't it ?

But when you go to a cake shop you can see the staff, possibly even the owners or the bakers, and if the cake they are offering has been left out in the rain then you can decline the purchase and walk away. It's a bit more difficult when you are dealing with the internet businesses run from the Park, there you have to pay up front and if you don't like what you are then offered you may struggle to get your money back And do we mean really Left out in the Rain??? you may  think so, I couldn't possibly comment :-)

"I don't think that I can take it" - in the 21st century this means I'm going to sue your sorry ass

"cos it took so long to bake it"  -  this is years of my work my data my life

"and I'll never have that recipe again"  You've lost all my data, trashed my harddrive and ruined my life

"Oh NO"  means pretty much the same , even though 40 years have passed

MacArthurs Park* is melting in the dark? - should have paid attention to the warnings  

tune back in next week for "Whiter Shade of Pale" decoded

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*  Bocam Park is not a pleasure park and MacArthur Park is a real place in Los Angeles