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LWG Data Recovery

LWG Data Recovery
Address: LWG Consulting
3455 Commercial Avenue
IL 60062
Postcode: S4 7WB
Town/City: Birmingham
Type: Data Recovery Company
Website: Visit Website
Telephone: (1)847-559-3000

Professional Data Recovery Services

Why LWG Data Recovery?

There are many companies that say they perform data recovery. However, very few have the technical expertise or the facilities to properly perform data recovery.

LWG Data Recovery employs trained specialists with substantial training and experience. LWG operates two Class 100 Cleanrooms to open and repair your hard disk drive, should it experience physical damage.

The Data Recovery experts at LWG can provide emergency data recovery services on media ranging from RAID systems, digital tape, optical storage and even digital photos. LWG is approved by major storage device manufacturers to retain any warranties associated with your media.