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Logical Drive Failures

Logical Drive Failures
Data recovery jobs tend to fall into two distinct camps called logical and physical. The term physical is used to describe hard drive and media failures that can be classed as a mechanical failure of some sort but occasionally there is a crossover between the two.


The term logical failure is generally used to describe a file level problem some of which may simply be due to human error for example accidently deleting a file or even perhaps formatting a drive accidently (or perhaps intentionally by a disgruntled employee). Where malicious data loss has occurred this is often referred to computer forensics expert to trace the culprit.

Other logical failures that require file recovery include for example lost files and folder, virus attacks causing damage to system files making it impossible to access data, destroyed file tables, corrupted files, bad MFT records possibly caused by boot sector viruses, partition errors, and the operating system not being able to access the drive in order for you to actually use the computer.

Physical problems such as hard drive or media degradation can cause file level problems as well especially in the warmer months of the year when computer are prone to overheating.


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