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Jebs Continues To Amuse After All These Years.

Jebs Continues To Amuse After All These Years.
For those of you not familiar with data recovery, we often help the technical support staff when they cannot help their clients.


But as Jeb knows some calls are more unusual than others.

 Phone rings..

Hello Technical Support, ah ha and its not printing at all?

Yeh, is there a message on the screen, the screen, the LCD screen on the top.

Out of paper, yeh , you might want to try putting some paper in it, that will fix it.

Phone rings

Hello Technical Support, I see, ah ha, and have you had any error messages ?,

... right ok what you will need to do is flush the power unit.. yeh... no no its quite straight forward...
do you have a cup of coffee there?.. camamile tea? that will do it, no just pour it in , pour the whole lot right in there....


Some of the successful  data recovery operations carried out by R3 Data Recovery include:-

Microwaved memory sticks,
Dog chewed memory sticks
Washing machined memory sticks.

Flooded Servers and Computers
Hurricane damaged servers.
Fire Damaged Servers
Dropped from aircraft laptop.
Dropped in the sea laptop
Cat chewed thumb drive
Lightening strike to computer.
Deliberate deletion of files
Deliberate wiping of server information.

As well as the everyday wearing out of hard drives which degrade or suffer head landings, motor failure, PCB failure, Firmware failure and seized spindles.


Jebs Jobs episode by Nick Forshaw and the team at