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James Walsh Of Fields Associates Accuses Abc Data Recovery Of Damaging Hdd

James Walsh Of Fields Associates Accuses Abc Data Recovery Of Damaging Hdd
James Walsh alias Jamie Hamilton Wallis wrongly accused Andy Butler of posting on the Fields Data Recovery victims forum and blogs www.data-recovery-blog.com www.data-recovery-blog.co.uk. and of damaging the drive of the charity worker. 

Jamie Hamilton Wallis was wrong and despite spending over £100,000 on a High Court Injunction he was left facing criminal charges if he had continued with his malitious / vexatious attempts to use his £multimillion pseudo legal firm to crush anyone who got in his way.

Most of the hundreds of websites put up by Fields were removed including the www.dick-heads.com website which was particularly nasty and showed how low the Fields Group staff and those linked to Fields in Bridgend near Cardiff would stoop.

Q. Have you been a victim of the Fields Group Action Direct/ Quickie Divorce / Fields Data Recovery Scam ?

If the answer is yes then be consoled that you are not alone there are hundreds of documented and possibly thousands undocumented victims of this e-warfare driven group who believed that the money they make can be used to attack anyone who complains about them.

Those that have complained about Fields fake data recovery reports and the defrauding of consumers came under attack online, it is likely to be those still working for Fields but  some who have been terminated or who have left the Fields fold now operate in much the same way as Fields did, but try to deny they were involved with the scams.

The staff involved with Fields Group scams tried to bully and attack their detractors issuing vexatious county court action and a High Court Injunction which cost in excess of £100,000 and was discontinued whe Fields realised their Director could be mulcted again and possibly attract even more attention if the fake affidavit and fact a Director of ABC Data Recovery Ltd was assaulted at his home by Fields Process server.

The story continues and those linked to Fields have put up numerous websites to try and cover up what they have done to hundreds of consumers and how they attacked the Director of ABC Data Recovery Ltd for helping the fields victims get their data and money back.

Websites like www.dick-heads.com were particularly malitious and full of lies, more recently the posts about Andy Butlers misfortunes were clearly in vengeful by those linked to Fields who have something to hide.

Although Andy closed ABC Data Recovery Ltd he continues to offer his class leading services in his new company R3 Data Recovery Ltd 

True to form though, those linked to Fields scams seized the opportunity again to spread misinformation about Andy. 

Similar to what happened a few years ago with www.comparedatarecovery.co.uk.  Those who have worked for Fields have used the data recovery professionals website to attack the one company Director who was willing to help the victims of Fields when no one else would.

More about this epic story of the data recovery scams will be available soon.