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Rapid Data Freeindex Fake Reviews
Rapid Data Freeindex Fake Reviews
Rapid Data expose reveals fake reviews to add to the defrauding of consumers.

Same company linked to NAPOD  / Divorce and Action Direct UK

Have you arrived here wondering if you have been scammed by Rapid Data, or are you finding it  hard to find 1 genuine review of the Rapid Data Recovery service.

Or has Rapid now reccommended you go to DataPhoenix or Fields Data Recovery ? 

Have you bee charged by Fields Associates for "Digital forensic services" and realised you have been defrauded.

Do your research and get advice if you think you were scammed.

Since this page was first created a number of ex employees and victims of  Fields and its many brands Rapid Data  / Dataphoenix have made contact.

Many victims of the Rapid Data Scam and others have been settling out of court seeing similar stories on www.data-recovery-blog.co.uk  made them realise they had been defrauded.

The Fields Group use their sales and marketing to sell forms which describe why they have charged for a service not provided.

With over 570 UK Trading Standards complaints this is just a fraction of those with many more from Europe and North America unable to seek redress from the UK authorities
Fields have also been posting fake data recovery reviews and review websites in the attempt to swamp the search engines and the sites like:-


Worse they have bullied and attacked their victims to the point of harrassment, will the Judge re-instate the data-recovery-blog.com forum for the victims of Fields Data Recovery. ?

I too was awarded an extra-ordinary damages payment after Fields attempted to use their "in house legal team" to bring a vexatious claim against me. read "
have you been mulcted"

Another case is now pending after I was assaulted by a process server in the employ of Fields Associates and was hospitalised after sustaining head and neck injuries.

The allocation in the High Court for the  Injunction hearing about www.data-recovery-blog.com and www.data-recovery-blog.co.uk is anticipated to reveal the lengths a Welsh Assembly backed corporation will go to cover up its scams.

I am sure the Criminal Prosecution Service and various police forces will be interested to know the outcome after they themselves have been aware of the methods used by expert witness  Dr Daryl Hamilton Wallis and his team to deceive the courts. 

Fields solicitor stated to a Judge that Fields have :- " a good working relationship with Bridgend Trading Standards going back 5 years"    what an extra-ordinary claim to make !

With 570 Complaints logged with TS Bridgend and 10 interventions it is likely many more consumers and businesses will never know they were sold a fake data recovery report or incompatable part and told "no recovery possible. - It has been proven that the drives were recoverable if not tampered with by Fields.

Most will never know how they were defrauded...
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List of Fake Data Recovery Review Sites at the foot of this article.
Professor Daryl Hamilton Wallis                      Dr Richard Cable      
daryl.jpg Experts at richard_glyn_lewis_marketing_guru.jpgeverything! ricky.jpg
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Many consumers have found they have been overcharged for an incomplete software recovery

Why would a corporation need to post fake reviews? What of their other claims ?  Are they fake too ?  Where are the thousands of satisfied consumers that give a 97% approval rating ?.


What happens if other sectors notice they too are under attack from these Papermills ?  What happens when the papermill damages the life of a politician or a succesful businessman or worse overcharges the "public purse" and it is proven in a court not once but several times.

It would appear that even employing their own solicitor to try and subdue complaints is not enough, and a real solicitor just like the genuine competitor realises they are dealing with charlatans.  "Sector domination through unrelenting growth" can work, but if you make so many mistakes and think that silencing your competitors with court cases can work you are sadly mis-informed.

Printing money faster than the bank must be fun but one day the "virtual" ink runs out.

So lets be creative when competing with the marketing gurus who sell hype based on fake reviews :-

 Rapid Data Recovery Reviews on FreeIndex

Rapid Data have circumvented this problem by getting a few people to put up several  posts eulogising their prowess in data recovery, even emphesising in some how Rapid their service really can be. They even gave their friends at Bridgend an honourable mention (and that's a word I didn't expect to be using) It's such a shame that the phrasiology of the posts indicates that the same person wrote so many of them.

Why were they all posted on the same day? what suddenly motivated these people to speak out and tell us how wonderful Rapid Data really is? Do I really have a suspicious mind (elvis track) in suspecting that these people have a hidden agenda, do they perhaps work for Rapid Data, are they in any way connected to the owners and directors of this company?

Freedom of Information Act 2000 - Information Request 2666

I refer to your email dated 29 November 2010, which contained a request
for information. Following consideration of your request, and in
accordance with the Freedom of Information Act, I respond as follows:

Following a search of our records and having checked the companies
associated with the Field Group, I can confirm that as at 5 January 2011 a
total of 94 complaints have been received by the Authority either directly
or referred by Consumer Direct.

I hope that this information satisfies your request. If you are
dissatisfied with the handling of the request, please write to:

Mr P A Jolley

Assistant Chief Executive Legal and Regulatory
Services & Monitoring Officer

Bridgend County Borough Council

Civic Offices, Angel Street Bridgend, CF31 4WB

You can also contact the Information Commissioner at:

Information Commissioner's Office - Wales

Cambrian Buildings  Mount Stuart Square  Cardiff, CF10 5FL

Tel: 02920 2044 8044   Fax: 02920 2044 8045

For more information on how these papermill operations dominate google pay per click  under the names

 Rapid Data , Rapid Data Recovery, Fields Data Recovery , Fields Associates, Fields Group, Rapid Track Labs, and others throughout europe and North America 

For more information on Dr Daryl Hamilton Wallis and Jamie Hamilton Wallis and their other expertise:- 

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More fake review sites

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For more information on how these papermill operations dominate google pay per click  Data Recovery Papermills  

For more information on Dr Daryl Hamilton Wallis and Jamie Hamilton Wallis and their other expertise:-   

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