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Forensic Footprints Ltd
Forensic Footprints Ltd
Address: Forensic Footprints
PO BOX 186
Postcode: HU15 1UR
Town/City: Birmingham, London
Type: Data Recovery Company
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Telephone: 0845 122 3403

Computer Investigations and Digital Forensics services provided by Forensics Footprints

We regularly conduct investigations of computer misuse within the office environment and understand the personnel sensitivities which may exist. If necessary we can provide a covert or out of hours service thereby minimising disruption and the spread of unhelpful rumours.

Typical office investigations concern

  • Internet & Email abuse
  • Breaches of Acceptable Use Policies
  • Data Leakage
  • Intellectual Property Theft
  • Document Examination and Comparison
  • Racial & Sexual Harassment
  • Illegal or Innapropriate Images
  • Network Health Checks
  • Recovery of deleted data
Our investigators can perform any or all of the following tasks

  • search and seizure
  • imaging of hard disk drives and other digital storage media
  • forensic examination and analysis
  • recovery of deleted files and folders
  • recovery of internet browsing history
  • recovery of deleted emails
  • identification of attached devices (Memory Sticks, IPods, and Portable Hard Drives etc)
  • provision of report and statements in clear unambiguous terms
  • provision of expert testimony at court, tribunal or disciplinary hearing