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It Companies And Data Recovery

It Companies And Data Recovery
Many IT companies can run software or carry out minor repairs on a hard drive PCB to gain access to a hard disk drive, but there is a problem with making repairs and running software without having a hard drive repair expert first check that the heads, platter surface and firmware are all functioning correctly and making the correct decision on how to proceed.

By rushing in with software on a degraded hard drive, the degredation can spread further and the recovered files can be further corrupted , requiring more work correcting the problem..

The process of data recovery requires that data recovery specialist correctly identifies the problem and applies a set of procedures designed to recover the maximum amount of data with the least chance of further damage to the storage media or file system.

Most sub £100 data recovery services do not have the imaging capacity to create hardware images needed on which to safely run data recovery programs without futher file corruption. The scale of operations to carry out these services is held by very few data recovery companies.

The processes involved in carrying out many 1000's of recoverys a year at the highest possible success rates without risking the clients data or bringing the Data Recovery company into disrepute takes considerable investment in resources,
skilled data recovery technicians, clean room technology and hardware imaging / wiping and drive recertification takes considerable investment.

On top of this many data recovery companies are now distinguishing themselves from the rogue operations by showing their clean room certifications and pictures of their actual labs or Laminar flow cabinets, this is helping "clean up" the data recovery market but there are some companies who create clean areas purely for show and routinely open drives in contaminated air.

The only way to know if a clean room or laminar flow cabinet is working correctly is to get an ISO 14644-1 Cetificate of testing.

In the past the class 1, class 10 or at the very least class 100 clean room ratings were achieved by annual testing to the US Fed 209e annual testing standard, however this was phased out between 1999 and 2004 and replaced by ISO14644-1 scale and the IS014644-2 testing standard.

Beware of the cowboys and always ask to see proof of the clean room certification if your drive is going to be opened.

Remember cheap data recovery can often cost more than your data, and some companies are geared to just sell you reports explaining why they were unsuccessful or why they need more money.

A professional data recovery company will be able to give a good indication over the phone as to whether your data recovery operation should be successful just needs software or it will require additional work and therefore cost.

* Many internet based companies offering Data Recovery Services use reputable data recovery labs, but beware of the data recovery scams, many in the field of data recovery are not what they seem and pictures of impressive offices can give a false impression of trustworthyness.

If all that is needed is a software recovery then you can do this yourself for £79 / $129 www.r3cover.com and you get to keep the licence to use again and again.

Always check the company you send your data away to has not been involved in credit card fraud, stealing clients data or other online papermill scams.