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Is Your Hard Disk Making These Noises?

Is Your Hard Disk Making These Noises?

Hard Drive Problems That Can Cause a Hard Disk Crash

A hard drive crash can occur for various reasons, which will be discussed in the next paragraph. There are many factors which increase the likelihood of disk failure, and most of these are not related to the age of the hard drive. When a hard disk fails, many people try to open the drive and repair it themselves. This is a big mistake because the internal components of a hard drive are very fragile and susceptible to dirt, dust, scratches, fingerprints, and corrosion.

A severe head crash can result in scoring of the platters

The simplest reason for physical hard drive failure is a burnt circuit board. When a circuit board has failed, the drive will not spin up. Another reason a hard drive might not spin up is motor failure. When the hard drive motor fails, the drive will either not spin at all or will spin at a degraded and unpredictable speed. Many times, users will hear a clicking sound coming from their hard drive. This clicking sound indicates either corrupt firmware or head crash.

Both will require extensive labor from a data recovery company in order to repair and recover the data. Other reasons for physical drive failure are a broken read/write arm, water or fire damage to the hard drive, scratched platters, or bad hard drive bearings.

Hard drives can also fail due to logical problems such as computer viruses, bad sectors, cyclic redundancy errors, blue screen errors, and more.

How To Recover Data

Since the internal components of a hard disk drive are fragile, it is important to use a data recovery company to help recover data. Such companies are well equipped to open a hard disk in a clean room environment to protect the disk drive from corruption while attempting to repair it. The damaged drive must be repaired first in order to recover the data. The repair is not designed for long-term use. It is repaired for short-term use in order to recover the data only.

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