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Is The DRC Fair ?

Is The DRC Fair ?
Unlike many Directories The DRC is not open to every data recovery company but why ?

If you are a data recovery industry insider you will be aware of the scams that the Fields Group of data recovery brands have  been up to for a number of years. The untold damage this has had on the rest of the data recovery market and to consumers is impossible to quantify but at least some of the victims of Fields have now secured CCJ's and out of court settlements against them.

The High Court Injunction brought against the victims blog and forum shows how much money is involved.


Compare Data Recovery was just one of the many sites developed by them to mislead consumers, well the boot is on the other foot now, and their scams should be publicised after attempting to destroy competition and mislead consumers.

The DRC Directory is primarily developed to bring attention to the need to pick good data recovery companies, computer forensic investigators and IT Support Professionals when sending your HDD, Server memory stick or other storage device away for repair or for forensic investigation.

There has been a rapid rise in the number of complaints from consumers using data recovery companies which have been involved in a the data recovery scam.
They attempted to crush anyone (consumers and competitors alike) who have tried to expose them but their attempts to quell those they tried to put of business has lead to yet more consumers and businesses coming forward.

What has become apparent is it not just the data recovery market that has been affected, there are several suspect companies linked to a web design company which has been essentially stealing other companies ideas for online marketing then using their government grants and marketing power to grab market share using PPC.


I have been competing with one such rogue operation for 3 years, in a "turf war" for the discount data recovery market, what was clear is the £97 and £79 data recovery prices advertised by some companies were not achieved through efficient high capacity data recovery techniques. 
I now have enough evidence to defend my "rants" . Although they now claim to be Trading as Fields Associates Ltd their data recovery services have been offerred as.

Fields Data Recovery
Rapid Data Recovery
Clnica De Datos
Rapid Online
Data Recovery Thailand
Rapid Data 

 ex staff operate
Athena Forensics
Fast Track Divorce
Rapid Track Data
Data Retrieval
Data Track Labs
And many others based near Cardiff and Bridgend and various global serviced offices worldwide including IT24 Services which exposed Fields as lying about its labs in Germany and charging 10 times the going rate for an unsuccessful  "forensic" software recovery.

Since openly exposing these rogues other companies in different sectors have come forward and told of their experience when requesting an online e-commerce site or other services from UK Digital Solutions, many have just had to put it down to experience believing they were the only ones affected.

One company Director alledgedly found his ideas for a qick divorce website had been incorporated into another website in direct competition with him using a very similar name by a Fields Group company after he had approached them for an ecommerce website.

What is clear is that the papermill operation is not ethical, so how can it expect the competitors who they have maligned to remain quiet because they live in fear of litigation.*** ( Fields were "mulcted" by a Judge in a court of law, which found that Fields had wrongly brought a claim for damages against me personally)

I for one decided enough is enough these people are not just actively affecting my business and others but I am having to deal with their victims with little or no chance of getting any renumeration, yet Fields have charged substantial sums not just for corrupt data but for reports that clearly state the drives are beyond recovery, when in fact there is a good chance of a recovery if they do not interfere with them.

In building The DRC Directory I may been seen as wanting to just promote my own companies, this is not true, any data recovery company is welcome to a free listing, and they can also pay for featured listings, (similar to the model adopted by other well known data recovery companies) there is one differrence though, I will actively expose the rogues in the industry whilst they operate their scams in order to help prevent consumers and IT professionals from being affected.

What is clear is that this active approach is working, more drives sent back as "beyond recovery" by Fields Associates are now being recovered than a year ago, the message is getting through and the number of court cases against them is set to climb.

When someone makes a threat you have to take it seriously, and Dr D Hamilton Wallis and Jamie Hamilton Wallis need to understand that they are responsible for their staffs actions and lies, and threatening to destroy a competitors who is a victim of their negative campaigns and misinformation has resulted in this fight back against them. 

Additionally their plans to "dominate" the market were illfounded but would have worked if they had the skills and products they claim to offer.

Data Recovery and Computer Forensics is not just their Field of expertise, they offer  Lush Dates and money to susceptible divorcees using their sugar daddy websites,  their Falgship Online marketing using the brands Quickie Divorce and Managed Divorce (This should not be confused with the Original QUICKE DIVORCE ) is also expanding into Payment Protection Insurance Claims and  Tribunal Action sites are also operating in the same bait and switch way, advertising a low price then escalting it to the highest possible price they feel they can get from the "mark" .. If they actually provided the services they claimed no one would have noticed..

I look forward to announcing more news items on the subject of data recovery scams and hope the numerous victims get their COMPLAINTS heard by the Welsh Minsters who have indulged Fields with such generous grants and loans. 

I for one will expect a public apology to be forthcoming from these Directors and commitment to re-inburse all those affected including their competitors.

Watch this space.................. 

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