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Internet Fraud and Data Recovery Scams Beware !

Internet Fraud and Data Recovery Scams Beware !
Stranger Danger – Online Scams are on the increase -  how to check an online data recovery company is not a scam ! -The FACTS
German Victims***

Are you one of the hundreds of consumers who have realised you were sold a fake data recovery report ?

Don't kick yourself about it you are one of many which have been talked into paying out money for nothing.

Many of the  victims of those claiming to be computer forensics experts and e-warfare experts have stated they believed they were sending their drives to an  expert in the  Fields of  Data Recovery, yet on to many occassions they have have been misled into paying for paper ?-

Sadly the number of those  who have reported their experiences to Trading Standards continues to climb

570 complaints to Bridgend Trading Standards plus 10 Interventions is unusual and thats just the tip of the iceberg.

Since writing this article The Fields Group have been making numerous out of court settlements to avert a full Trading Standards investigation.
(Their claim in one court case that they "have a good working relationship with Bridgend Trading Standards going back 5 years" was extra-ordinary.. )

                   Most Victims will never know how they were defrauded.

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Professor Daryl Hamilton Wallis of Buckingham University Astrobiology Department (A private university often referred to as a degree mill) has secured tenure apparently without publishing any research.

Beware of any company which buys its accreditations, sells fake documents, defrauds consumers and then uses your money to sue you if you complain.

Read more about how the victims were hit with legal action www.data-recovery-blog.com


"With nearly 40 million search results to choose from it has to be assumed the search results can be relied on, but beware sponsored listings whilst legitimate and used by many trusted companies are also used by the rogues." - lets not beat about the bush, this is not competitor bashing or mis information it is a fact.

This article will focus on the search results for “data recovery companies  

We find many interesting websites, but how do you know which company is actually a trusted business.
Which dr firms claim to have international data recovery labs but have been exposed for misleading consumers ?

Why would a forensics data recovery company try to cover up selling fake data recovery reports and charging for incompatable or faulty donor parts ?

 Data Recovery Companies Search on google UK  note the top 3 Sponsored advertisers are actually Fields Associates ...


Fields Associates Ltd puts up hundreds of fake reviews and review websites and fake reviews on their own website, but do a search for genuine reviews for fields data recovery for the last 10 years how amny can you find...

 www.best-pick-data-recovery.com www.data-recovery-europe-blog.com
 www.clever-datarecovery-europe.com www.best-data-recovery.co.uk
 www.data-recovery-europe-review.com www.best-data-recovery-uk.com
 www.which-datarecovery-europe.com www.compare-datarecovery-europe.com
 www.uk-data-recovery-feedback.com www.best-choice-data-recovery-europe.com
 www.clever-data-recovery-uk.com www.first-class-data-recovery-uk.com
 www.SMART-DATA-RECOVERY-UK.COM www.smart-datarecovery-europe.com

Rapid Data Recovery Ltd  company number 06694289 and Rapid Online Ltd  company number 06793006, have never submitted trading accounts and were dissolved after 2 years.

Similarly the recent complaints about Clnica-de-Datos dot com  coming from victims in Spain show that the company markets for services in Spain yet never submits accounts for Clnica de Datos Ltd company number 06695310,  which is registered in the UK

Even if Trading Standards investigate who do they investigate ?,  the non trading business or the the "masterminds" behind what victims have termed the data recovery scam ?,  if the complaint is against a non trading business what redress do the victims have? - None

How is a consumer warning message disseminated so that you too do not fall victims to online fraud, most victims only find out afterwards when doing the background checks they should have done in the first place.

We should all be familiar with
the rise of the Nigerian email scam  Internet fraud advisory, which went hand in hand with the export of used computers to Nigeria, and the risk of data held on the hard disk drives being accessed and harvested for fraudulent use so beware the rogue traders are also after your information and will call you pretending to be another service the phrase " Once Bitten - Twice Shy" would seem appropriate here.

Beware of any service that seems too cheap for what it is, if you are looking for a bargain make sure you can find others who can vouch for the pricing and services offerred.
More victims of a UK Digital Marketing company  (who run a  data recovery company implicated in a global scam to defraud consumers of fees) have emerged since the victims setup their own website to share their experiences.  http://www.data-recovery-blog.co.uk and forums like the Martin Lewis Money Savings Expert website.

In summation :-

Do a search online to find consumer reviews and feedback. Don’t just take the companies websites testimonials for granted.

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