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I Used Quickie Divorce & Managed Divorce

I Used Quickie Divorce & Managed Divorce
I used Quickie Divorce & Managed Divorce ! *

Have you found this page after suspecting something amiss with your "quickie fast or managed divorce"  or Action Direct UK ?

Or are you looking for an independant  review of Quickie Divorce dot com,  managed divorce dot com or fast  track divorce or many of the  other sites run by The Fields Group ?

Maybe your lifetime will, industrial tribunal, or payment protection insurance claim, possibly debt management or data recovery or some other document spooling service like High Court Injunction serving ? ?.

With so many websites and companies linked to the Fields Group, be sure you check the company you send your hard earned cash can actually provide more than a slick sales person eagre to take your money for their commission and little more.


Have you bee stung by Quickie Divorce or Fast Track Divorce, Rapid Track Data or  Action Direct UK ?

So have many others, but why would a data recovery website be carrying information about Divorce?

-  Read on

 Action Direct UK Ltd  CRM CRM19622  Are not allowed to do represent people in Industrial Tribunals.

Update  :- BBC News report into Online Wills writers

Professor Daryl Hamilton Wallis of the Astrobiology Department of Buckingham University is the Chairman of the Fields Group

For a full list of Fields Group  / Quickie Divorce / Managed Divorce / Will Writing,  Debt Management, Industrial Tribunal, Visa Application and many other document spooling websites scroll down to to the bottom of the page.

Richard Glynn Lewis (Internet Marketing Guru) and Jamie Hamilton Wallis  (MD, founder of Fields Data Recovery and Ethical Hacker)  also operate Fields Associates, Managed Divorce. Quickie Divorce, Separation Agreement, Clean Break, Injunction Direct - Sugar Daddies, Debt Management and many more like   Which Mortgage.... 

Maybe their next get rich quick business will be personal injury claims. After all they know how to injure people, both financially, psychologically and even physically.  

daryl.jpg Experts at richard_glyn_lewis_marketing_guru.jpgeverything!  ricky.jpg
richard_glyn_lewis_cleanbreak.jpg rgl_quickiedivorce.jpg custody-richardglewis.jpg fields_associates_experts.jpg

 Since this article was first written Fields Group  which incorporates UK Digital Solutions and Fields Associates, Quickie Divorce, Action Direct and Injunction Online  have been settling out of court with victims of their various Papermills operations.

Visa Action has had its OISC registration revoked.

Action Direct has been sanctioned by the Ministry of Justice and ordered to cease offerring most of its services.
Fields have also been posting fake  reviews and review websites.
They have bullied and even used their injunction direct serving operation to attack their victims to the point of harrassment to inflict personal financial and even physical injury on those who have complained.

570 complaints to Bridgend Trading Standards is just a fraction of those affected, almost half Fields revenues are from outside the UK and International victims from Europe, North America and South East Asia have little chance of getting help from the UK authorities.

Fields use the revenues they make to employ their own full time complaints department and in house legal team to use the monies they receive to bat off complaints with legal challenges with threats of financial ruin.

The data-recovery-blog.com forum for the victims of Fields Data Recovery also attracted many victims of Quickie Divorce and Action Direct. The full extent of this Governement GRANT FUNDED corporations modus operandi has yet to be exposed but the pattern of defrauding consumers is well documented.

The exposing of Fields has helped many victims to gain refunds.

I too was awarded an extra-ordinary damages settlement after Fields attempted to use their "in house legal team" to bring a vexatious claim against me. read "
have you been mulcted"

Fields solicitor stated in court to the Judge that Fields have :- " a good working relationship with Bridgend Trading Standards going back 5 years"    what an extra-ordinary claim to make !

For those of you have been on the receiving end of the Fields Data Recovery scam it may come as no surprise that Fields still cannot recover drives that their expensive forensic reports or leading data recovery experts say are beyond recovery yet other labs recover.  

Most will never know how they were defrauded... 570 Complaints to Trading Standards Bridgend and 10 interventions..... no wonder Fields have a full time complaints department !

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The victims of the data recovery scams have been somewhat successful thanks to www.data-recovery-blog.co.uk and www.data-recovery-blog.com which are currently suspended whilst a legal challenge through the High Court is played out. Many of the victims have already received out of court settlements the High Court Injunction ruling is due for allocation during the summer of 2011

"Quickie"  Not QUICK-E  Divorce

Many unaware of the £multi-million online papermill scams and internet fraudsters may be wondering why The DRC Directory would have a news article about online divorce.

The connection between what consumers have described as  "data recovery scams" and online divorce complaints is the Fields Group Ltd

 Fields Associates  / Quickie Divorce / Tribunal Action / UK Digital Solutions  of Bridgend near Cardiff Wales.

 Quote Originally Posted by scottie62
I suggest that you go to "The Ministry of Justice" and log a complaint with them. They are their regulating body. They conned me out of £2,695 and through the intervention of M.O.J managed to get a full refund. Also write a letter of complaint to Tribunal Action demanding a refund, don,t phone as they will palm you off.

Yours Aye


The Group operates as a Papermill  / document spooling servicescompany which makes its profits from dozens of get quick rich ideas like Will Writing,  CV Writing, Industrial Tribunal, Debt Management, Payment Protection Insurance Claims, Visa Application Writing and Car Park Notice collections - but beware many of these operations are bogus and designed to extract fees from the unsuspecting.

Managed-divorce.co.uk Reviews

Rlanderton75 7 months ago

Do not use this company or its sister company Quickie Divorce. The website is fine the service is great; that is until you pay. I started talking with managed divorce in April 2010, I paid half of the fee as agreed and here we are in August £150 out of pocket and most certainly no more near divorce than i was 4 months ago. My divorce is not tricky no money property or children involved. Bridgend Trading Standards are currently invetigating this company, so clearly i am not the only complainant. Dont risk it!
 Awew 7 months ago
DO NOT USE Managed Divorce or Quickie Divorce. Their service is terrible and inefficient if they help you at all. If you are of moderate intelligence you are quite able to fill in all the forms yourself, which is what i ended up doing in the end. They are available for free online. Do not beleive anything you read on the website. The words ''Stress Free'' are used copiously. It is anything but.

If they offered the service they advertised it could potentially make it easier. However, the website doesnt work and once you have given them any money they rarely or never answer the phone, or call you back, or respond to emails. The phone is never answered and you are never given any opportunity to leave a message. All you hear is a message that says '' Your call is valuable to us so call back later''. What a joke!  

Dunnsamonster 2 weeks ago
Managed Divorce use a firm of solicitors called "The Law Practice". The first solicitor got me muddled with another person with the same name, and the second (a replacement) refused to answer any queries made. You either were told that she would ring you back that day or that you could book a telephone appointment, neither of which commitment was ever honoured. Managed Divorce promises your own case manager throughout the process and also the advice, when required, of a solicitor. These promises are never honoured, and the "no quibble 100% refund guarantee" is greeted by indifference. quoting terms and conditions. I would advise anyone strongly against using a service that hides sharp practice under a caring facade.
 Noosh 1 week ago
 Please Please Please don't use this company. Going through what is already a difficult experience is made that much harder and stressful through the involvement of this company. Nearly 8 months on I am still far from the finishing line of what was indicated to be a straight forward process. Much like many of the reviews above the company are quick to be attentive and responsive whilst waiting to take your money but once the funds are transferred be ready to face endless evenings waiting for someone to answer the phone, countless hours chasing lost post of important documents supposedly sent to you, meaning duplicates and more costs having to be incurred and the worst implication of course is the further prolonged wait for completion. When they do pick up the phone, the voice on the other phone is no more helpful than a plank of wood , simply informing you that they are unsure as to what the delays are and that they hope to have soemone come back to you. Doesn't happen. I know it costs a little more but my suggestion would be to seek professional services and have the job done properly and quickly. It makes me angry that companies like this take advantage of indiviudals already facing an unpleasant experience. Unfortunately you may feel inclined to stay with them in the hope that the lax service will resolve itself and it will be quicker than starting all over again, instead please just never start with this company to begin with.   

Are these genuine mistakes, unavoidable errors, breakdowns in communications or other failings of a business ? , Or are these symptomatic of  businesses designed to get the most money out of a consumer for the least effort ?.
Sometimes referred to as Papermills  - by those who claim to be their victims, these companies basically make their substantial profits by charging for reports and paperwork but little else using document spooling services.

Yet the complaints continue to accumulate and 570 complaints to Bridgend Trading Standards really is remakable.

Why would so many consumers complain ? :-
Why would so many consumers complain ? :-
Freedom of Information Act 2000 - Information Request 2418

I refer to your email dated 21 June 2010, which contained a request for
information. Following consideration of your request, and in accordance
with the Freedom of Information Act, I respond as follows:

Following a search of our records and having checked five limited
companies associated with the Field Group and 36 trading names, I can
confirm that since 1 January 2009 a total of 37 complaints have been
received by the Authority either directly or referred by Consumer Direct.


5 months later

Freedom of Information Act 2000 - Information Request 2666

I refer to your email dated 29 November 2010, which contained a request
for information. Following consideration of your request, and in
accordance with the Freedom of Information Act, I respond as follows:

Following a search of our records and having checked the companies
associated with the Field Group, I can confirm that as at 5 January 2011 a
total of 94 complaints have been received by the Authority either directly
or referred by Consumer Direct.


Despite the Fields Group ISO 9001 accreditation the number of consumers reporting unusual situations for complaints continues to climb and so do the court cases read What Do They Know Update June 2011.

Using document spooling to make money instead of being the most economical price for the consumer,  it is  not unknown for them to charge for over 10 times the cost of their genuine competitors. Using the profits to dominate PPC by bidding up the  price of the sponsored pay per click advertising bids and swamping out genuine competitors.


Bearing the cost of advertising for business against an operation which makes its profits in a very differrent and uncompetitive way and encouraging its commission based sales teams with slogans like "sector domination through unrelenting growth" and "we control the market" ... "we control the competition".... "we control the price".........."we control the consumer" .... " we will sue anyone who stands in our way".  is costly to a small businesses marketing budget and PPC advertising is not cheap especially if you are under attack from the click fraudsters..

One type of  papermills  / document spooling system operated by the owners of Fields Data Recovery Ltd is Quickie Divorce and Managed Divorce they dominate adwords because their profits are made from form filling on an industrial scale.
Here is a list of the sites they also operate which are all linked to the original web design company UK Digital Solutions Ltd which started the Group... www.ukds.net . and www.formations-online.com

 www.quickie-divorce.com  www.managed-divorce.co.uk

UK Digital Solutions Ltd  and Fields Group Ltd is the marketing operation behind various "brands" and group companies:-
Rapid Online
Rapid Data
Rapid Data Recovery
Fields Data Recovery
Tribunal Direct
Tribunal Action
Quickie Divorce*
Online Wills
Online CV
Smart Business Formations
Lush Dates
Sugar Daddy
Data Recovery Thailand

Complaints received by Trading Standards ****

Here is a post from another company which is receiving calls from affected consumers of Quickie Divorce ***

"If anyone visiting this forum is having a terrible experience with either quickie-divorce.com, managed-Divorce.Com or Clean-break.Com then we at Divorce-Online can help take on your case and get it finished for you. We have been getting complaints every week recently about their services and have been advising clients on how to get chargebacks on their credit cards.

We have decided that we cannot allow these people to get away with their shoddy service and will give any customer of the above sites a 25% discount on our services so we can ensure they get what they need.

Divorce is not like selling a can of beans or a CD it is a personal and often emotional journey which means you have to support your clients through the process.

The problem with these document mills is they do not have a family law background, they come from an internet marketing background and have picked on what they see as an easy way to make a lot of cash quickly without regard for the type of people who will be wanting their services.


To get more iformation on how we can help you get your money back and sort out the mess of your divorce call 0800 078 9214 or visit the website ..>>>http://www.Divorce-Online.Co.UK<<<---- " Divorce Online Blog **

*Quickie Divorce Ltd  - Bridgend based at same offices of  Fields Group  / Fields Associates  operated by Dr D Hamiliton Wallis and Jamie Hamilton Wallis

** QuickeDivorce is the original company not involved with Fields Group which has flagged the problems seen  in Online Divorce Management.

***  Fields Group / Quickie Divorce data recovery scam forum

**** Complaints Received by Trading Standards at Bridgend

Martin Lewis Money Savings Expert Forum about Tribunal Action

Internet fraud and data recovery scams

Please Review managed-divorce.co.uk