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Wed Oct 15 19:20:01 BST 2008
Join this webcast as Pete Brey of HP reviews how HP is helping customers build next-generation file
Wed Oct 15 19:19:34 BST 2008
Boost storage security with HP Secure Storage Advantage for centralized key management, data
Wed Oct 15 19:19:10 BST 2008
Explore the use of solid state drive (SSD) storage technology in your enterprise environment and
Wed Oct 15 19:18:42 BST 2008
Whether you are considering a first SAN or you already have one in place, a communications standard
Mon Aug 18 18:20:54 BST 2008
Storage is critical in any next generation strategy. The HP Storage Story shows how you can bridge
Mon Aug 18 18:20:29 BST 2008
Some advocates say disk-to-disk backup systems will soon replace tape media. HP and industry
Mon Aug 18 18:19:57 BST 2008
Learn about real-world storage products and solutions through detailed stories from businesses just
Mon Aug 18 18:19:33 BST 2008
This roadshow is coming to your neighborhood. Come and see HP infrastructure solutions including
Mon Aug 18 18:19:12 BST 2008
To get the best and the most storage for your dollar, consider these three factors: provisioning
Mon Aug 18 18:18:40 BST 2008
When your IT infrastrucuture flexes,be sure that storage isn't a breaking point.
Thu Jul 17 18:53:31 BST 2008
Now, you can transform your data protection strategy with data deduplication. Learn about the
Thu Jul 17 18:53:09 BST 2008
HP StorageWorks and Microsoft platforms and applications combine to help companies transform
Thu Jul 17 18:52:48 BST 2008
HP Customer Focused Testing Solutions incorporate HP storage, server and software products to help
Thu Jul 17 18:52:21 BST 2008
Hear what some vendors have been saying and tell us what you think about SSD's enterprise server
Mon Jun 16 17:12:45 BST 2008
Utility-ready storage can help money- and resource-strapped IT managers do more with less. Never
Mon Jun 16 17:10:53 BST 2008
HP Unified Data Center Automation is named front-runner in this report. HP Data Center Automation
Mon Jun 16 17:09:57 BST 2008
The SAP and HP partnership has released a new database solution stack that the mid-market can
Mon Jun 16 17:09:11 BST 2008
The HP StorageWorks EVA4400 and Microsoft applications have been tested together for real
Mon Jun 16 17:06:28 BST 2008
"One of the reasons the HP storage works so well for us is we have to be up 100 percent of the
Mon Jun 16 17:05:34 BST 2008
We’ve talked in this blog before about how much power spinning disks use as being the biggest
Tue May 06 22:17:19 BST 2008
Extreme scale storage meets the explosive demand for digital content, Web 2.0 applications and new
Tue May 06 22:16:16 BST 2008
Virtualization may seem like a complex technology, but it can actually be the antidote to
Tue May 06 22:15:34 BST 2008
Data in the data center is protected by user authentication and access controls. But what about
Mon Apr 14 20:06:06 BST 2008
How a consolidated SQL Server infrastructure can optimize a Windows application environment.
Mon Apr 14 20:05:15 BST 2008
How SQL Server consolidation can deliver a more adaptable, dependable and easier to manage
Mon Apr 14 19:57:12 BST 2008
A look at the problem of server sprawl and how to get it under control
Mon Mar 31 15:58:43 BST 2008
Balance the risks and capital costs associated with buying storage
Mon Mar 31 15:58:17 BST 2008
Data deduplication is a hot, new storage technology for managing explosive data growth and
Mon Mar 31 15:57:38 BST 2008
Storage tools help determine the right configuration based on your requirements and environment.
Mon Mar 31 15:57:10 BST 2008
The MSA2000 family is here. This the next-generation HP Modular Smart Arrays, help companies more
Tue Mar 11 20:46:46 GMT 2008
This storage security assessment tool is simple and helps you quickly understand what you need to
Tue Mar 11 20:46:08 GMT 2008
Have you always wanted to help design storage products? This user centered design program is
Tue Mar 11 20:45:34 GMT 2008
Do you need enterprise-class virtualized storage for your midsize businesses at an affordable
Wed Feb 27 20:18:22 GMT 2008
Check out this new platform for sharing ideas with the storage experts at HP StorageWorks about
Wed Feb 27 20:17:59 GMT 2008
Looking for dedicated, low-cost block storage? HP now has a family of products to meet your
Wed Feb 27 20:17:38 GMT 2008
Find best practice and how to storage white papers on a variety of topics including data
Fri Dec 14 14:11:00 GMT 2007
HP StorageWorks participates in the IBM ServerProven® program, a multi-vendor effort to provide
Fri Dec 14 14:10:10 GMT 2007
With newer technologies such as disk-to-disk backup, virtual tape libraries and low-cost disk
Wed Nov 14 18:56:03 GMT 2007
You want to work with a leader and HP StorageWorks is just that--a storage leader. According to
Wed Nov 14 18:55:26 GMT 2007
Get the HP Secure Advantage for centralized key management and data encryption where it matters
Thu Aug 09 19:20:01 BST 2007
This Server/Array matrix shows you recommend ed and supported Arrays for each Server.
Thu Aug 09 19:19:33 BST 2007
The HP StorageWorks 4/32B SAN Switch demo is available.
Thu Aug 09 19:18:32 BST 2007
The Real Story about Storage Market Share Facts demonstrates HP StorageWorks market leadership in disk storage systems, branded tape and storage software based on IDC’s latest storage market share trackers.
Thu Jun 21 01:03:20 BST 2007
Reduce power and cooling costs by as much as 50% with new and enhanced disk storage systems and
Thu Jun 21 01:01:45 BST 2007
Changing the way you provision, manage and dispose of storage devices can make a positive impact on
Thu Jun 21 01:00:30 BST 2007
IDC examines why eco-responsibility is becoming more and more important and what HP is doing to
Wed May 30 14:46:10 BST 2007
VUB Bank wanted to deploy a scalable, high-performance storage infrastructure that is reliable,
Wed May 30 14:45:22 BST 2007
The Belgian financial broker, Isabel, needed to provide customers with vital business continuity
Mon May 21 18:46:40 BST 2007
The new HP StorageWorks XP24000 Disk Array delivers bulletproof storage for enterprises that
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Data Solutions UK Hard drive Repair
Data Solutions UK Hard drive Repair
Data Solutions UK was founded in 2007 and helped build  the first high capacity Data Recovery lab  in the UK to achieve IS0-3 clean room certification. This has helped bring down the true cost of data recovery despite the increasing capacities of...
Accidentally Initialised Arrays
Accidentally Initialised Arrays
Recovering From Accidentally Initialised Arrays When you initialise a raid array the initialisation process doesn’t actually overwrite all the disc data but it wipes the metadata files that tell the Operating System where to look for any files – similar to a “Quick...
Failed Or Degraded Raid Arrays Recovery
Failed Or Degraded Raid Arrays Recovery
What Is A Failed or Degraded Raid Array? Raid 5 is where data and parity information are spread across at least 3 disk drives of the same size and type. Raid systems are prone to the normal disk errors which can cause a hard drive to go off line and hence the fault tolerence in the...
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HP today announced it is expanding its HP Converged Cloud portfolio with new solutions for VMware
HP today announced that organizations are using HP Application Performance Management (APM)
HP today announced that vBridge, a New Zealand-based IT infrastructure service provider, has
HP today announced it is expanding its Converged Cloud portfolio with joint HP and Microsoft
HP today announced that it is helping Diversified Agency Services (DAS), a marketing services
HP today announced additions to its security solutions portfolio that enable enterprises to assess,
HP today announced it is increasing customer satisfaction and loyalty by extending the multichannel
HP today announced that Telefónica S.A., the world’s third-largest communications service provider
HP today announced that outsourced IT infrastructure solutions provider and HP CloudAgile partner
HP today announced a new lineup of consumer PCs and accessories that are designed to work with
HP Enterprise Services today announced it has been awarded a $43 million task order from the U.S.
HP today added four new business desktop and notebook PCs powered by the latest AMD processors to
HP today unveiled the industry’s first web-connected, entry-level printing solutions for
Autonomy, an HP Company, today announced the availability of HP Application Information Optimizer
ARMA International Conference and Expo — CHICAGO -- Autonomy, an HP Company, today announced the
HP today announced that Medibank Health Solutions (MHS) has selected HP Converged Infrastructure to
HP today unveiled two new HP ProLiant Generation 8 (Gen8) four-socket servers that facilitate
HP today introduced the HP ElitePad 900, a tablet that balances a beautiful design with
HP today announced that Yota, Russia’s federal mobile telecommunications and internet services
HP today announced that Rolls-Royce plc, a leading provider of power systems and services for use
HP today announced the industry’s first open-standards-based software-defined network (SDN)
HP today announced that its technology is powering a new interactive, hands-on experience for
For the fifth consecutive year, HP has earned the Excellence in Service Operations certification
HP today unveiled new research indicating that the cost and frequency of cybercrime have both
HP Kazakhstan today announced that JSC TransTelecom, a subsidiary of Kazakhstan Temir Zholy (KTZh),
HP Enterprise Services today announced new Business Process Outsourcing (BPO) analytics services
Autonomy, an HP Company, today announced that Dechert LLP, an international law firm, has
Autonomy, an HP Company, today announced that Belfius, a leading banking and insurance institution
General Motors and Hewlett-Packard Co. announced today new multi-year project services and software
HP today announced HP Service Anywhere, a Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) IT service management (ITSM)
HP today announced its lineup of support tools to help customers easily transition to new HP
HP today announced that Croon Elektrotechniek B.V., a Dutch electrical installation company, has
HP today announced availability and pricing details for its new lineup of consumer and business PCs
Vertica, an HP Company, today announced that NORC at the University of Chicago—an independent
HP today announced new HP Officejet Pro and HP LaserJet printers and content management solutions
HP today announced new products and services that help small and midsized businesses (SMBs)
HP Enterprise Services today announced that Procter & Gamble (P&G) has selected HP application
HP today announced a new mobile thin client that combines PC-like performance with the security
HP today announced HP Unified Functional Testing (UFT) 11.5 and HP UFT Mobile, next-generation
HP is stregthening its mission-critical Converged Infrastructure portfolio with innovative and
HP today announced the availability of its new SAP-qualified implementation services for SAP® Rapid
HP today extended its HP ProLiant Generation 8 (Gen8) portfolio with new servers that deliver
HP today expanded its HP Extended Finance Program, which provides flexible financing options for
HP Enterprise Services today announced that the U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs (VA) has
HP Vertica, a leading real-time analytics platform, and Capgemini, one of the world's foremost
HP today unveiled the industry’s first server built to help clients operationalize Big Data, drive
The HP board of directors has declared a regular cash dividend of 13.2 cents per share on the
HP today announced it has been awarded a five-year, $39 million contract from the U.S. Department
HP and Emirates Airlines today announced the HP ElitePad 900 tablet as the primary interface for
HP and DreamWorks Animation SKG, Inc. (Nasdaq: DWA) today marked the latest chapter in their
HP today announced a new version of HP Business Service Management (BSM) software, the first
Mon Jan 05 16:44:18 GMT 2009
Part two of a podcast of the ISS Technology Brief HP BladeSystem C7000 Enclosure, 3rd edition.
Mon Jan 05 16:34:41 GMT 2009
Part one of a podcast of the ISS Technology Brief HP BladeSystem C7000 Enclosure, 3rd edition.
Thu Dec 04 20:10:15 GMT 2008
Qualcomm increases data center scalability despite power, space, and cooling constraints with HP
Wed Dec 03 20:32:10 GMT 2008
This podcast explains why densification creates power and cooling challenges and how the
Wed Dec 03 20:29:33 GMT 2008
This podcast describes Power Regulator technology, how it can be used, and its relationship to
Tue Nov 18 22:36:03 GMT 2008
This is part two of a two part podcast of the ISS Technology Brief HP BladeSystem C3000 Enclosure
Tue Nov 18 22:34:14 GMT 2008
This is part one of a two part podcast of the ISS Technology Brief HP BladeSystem C3000 Enclosure
Tue Nov 18 22:29:11 GMT 2008
Savvis selects HP quad-core, quad processor servers to reduce customer costs for managed hosting
Tue Nov 18 22:27:37 GMT 2008
TechSoup Global enabled the creation of a next-generation data center through server consolidation
Tue Nov 18 22:22:38 GMT 2008
The lowest cost, most flexible way to connect virtual servers to your networks.
Tue Nov 18 22:20:29 GMT 2008
Optimized specifically for virtualization and consolidation environments with twice the features to
Thu Oct 09 17:26:28 BST 2008
HP helps Pharmasset deploy maximum computing power within tightening space, power, cooling and
Wed Oct 01 16:25:40 BST 2008
Learn about HP's variety of rack options - designed to integrate with each other and your current
Wed Sep 03 19:03:07 BST 2008
Listen in to learn how HP manages the relationship between power and performance at the server
Wed Sep 03 19:01:36 BST 2008
Listen in to a few quick, low cost fixes that will make a big impact to the amount of power you
Wed Sep 03 17:39:15 BST 2008
With the ability to eliminate performance bottlenecks of a virtual machine host, the HP ProLiant
Thu Aug 07 18:18:10 BST 2008
This podcast includes the following articles.  HP Insight Dynamics -  VSE:
Thu Jul 31 13:14:26 BST 2008
Listen in and hear how HP weighs in on the electrifying topic of AC vs. DC in the data center.
Thu Jul 17 18:14:49 BST 2008
This podcast includes the following articles. When to use Brocade SAN switches or Virtual
Thu Jul 17 18:12:15 BST 2008
This podcast includes the following articles. Quad-Core upgradeability of HP ProLiant servers, HP
Thu Jul 17 18:10:05 BST 2008
Podcast on Logical Server technology
Wed May 28 20:25:08 BST 2008
This server blade provides the highest performance for the lowest cost. Listen in to hear just how
Wed May 28 13:47:38 BST 2008
Hear how the changing needs of massive scale-out computing is driving a transfomation in technology
Fri May 16 17:46:22 BST 2008
This software is the first integrated solution to visualize, plan, and change physical and virtual
Fri May 16 17:44:52 BST 2008
Designed for maximum reliability, high performance, scalability, error management, and
Fri May 16 17:43:55 BST 2008
Introducing the next generation of SAS drives, designed for the reliability and mass storage
Fri May 16 17:39:48 BST 2008
Introducing the next generation of SATA drives, designed for the reliability and mass storage
Wed Apr 02 16:31:37 BST 2008
Listen in to learn about today's most affordable & efficient server blade in the industry today.
Thu Mar 27 15:52:03 GMT 2008
Learn more about HP's successful delivery of VMware solutions to enterprise customers through their
Thu Mar 27 15:44:37 GMT 2008
Listen in to hear how this solution combines seamless ProLiant integration and active hardware
Thu Mar 27 15:42:22 GMT 2008
Continually looking for ways to save money without sacrificing performance? Hear how the ProLiant
Thu Mar 27 15:38:36 GMT 2008
Listen in and learn more about the HP ProLiant DL165 G5, HP’s rack server solution designed
Thu Mar 20 15:33:33 GMT 2008
Learn more about HP's successful delivery of VMware solutions to enterprise customers through their
Tue Mar 18 21:33:07 GMT 2008
Learn more about HP's successful delivery of VMware solutions to enterprise customers through their
Fri Mar 14 17:21:01 GMT 2008
Listen in and learn about the HP ProLiant DL785 G5; the newest and most expandable additon to the
Wed Feb 27 20:15:00 GMT 2008
HP understands the energy issues that affect the Data Centers and they’ve implemented a "cool"
Sat Feb 09 17:23:25 GMT 2008
Introducing the next generation water cooled rack for high density deployments of servers and
Thu Jul 19 20:24:20 BST 2007
Is your data center beginning to overflow with cable sprawl? Feeling the bandwidth crunch? Today
Fri Jul 13 18:01:50 BST 2007
Hear Howard DeYoung- Director of Information Technology for City of St. Cloud describe the
Thu Jun 14 01:19:00 BST 2007
Learn how Matthew Weiner, Project Manager from Nth Generation was able to reduce server sprawl and
Thu Jun 14 01:17:28 BST 2007
How do you manage an exploding infrastructure and keep a handle on spiraling costs? Learn how St.
Thu Jun 14 01:16:18 BST 2007
What drives change in your data center? Listen to Kiran Sanghi as he discusses his approach to
Thu Jun 14 01:14:01 BST 2007
When Blue Cross Blue Shield was faced with the challenge of expanding their datacenter, they
Thu Jun 14 01:12:44 BST 2007
What if you were challenged to replace 7000 or so geographically dispersed desktops in a short
Thu Jun 14 01:08:22 BST 2007
HP discusses latest innovations to come from the collaborative efforts of HP and Citrix. By working
Thu Jun 14 01:06:09 BST 2007
The trusted leader in servers, HP, announces the first ProLiant AMD tower server designed for small
Hard drive recovery, memory stick repair, RAID array rescue, and Solid state device (SSD) data recovery.