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Honest Data Recovery

Honest Data Recovery
Does Honest Data Recovery Exist ?

Many looking for data recovery services are not aware of the disparity between some data recovery service providers.

There are some in the Field of data recovery which will walk the price from £97 to as much as £1600 and yet the recovery they perform is often done by reputable data recovery labs for less for between £125 to £600 depending on the severity of the failure and cost of the parts required.

Obviously if you need an honest estimate of the work needed and the cost, you need to find an honest company.

If a company is dishonest and posts fake reviews of itself and makes claims it cannot fullfill consistently then you need to make a judgement on whether you can trust your precious data to anyone who has been exposed for dishonesty.

Always find a reputable data recovery company and look for genuine independant reviews of their services.


"Very helpful, honest, quick and flexible service. ABC Data Recovery provided a quick and efficient service when my client's backup hard-drive had failed. I would recommend to all my clients.