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Head Crash

Head Crash
What Happens When A Disk Head Crashes?

A head crash can be one if not the most destructive of hard drive failures, but what happens when a disk head crashes? Inside your drive there are a number of rotating platters and even on the slower drives these are spinning at over 60 miles per hour! Riding above the very sensitive magnetised surface on a very thin layer of air are your read and write heads that pass data to and retrieve data from the sensitive magnetised surface.


When the head crashes it actually comes into contact with the platter surface and given the spin speed of the platters causes an immense amount of damage. Given the extremely close proximity of the heads to the disk platter minute particles of dust can cause a head crash which is one of the reason that drives should only be opened in a specially particle filtered clean room.

Often if a head has crashed it causes creates particles and if the drive continues to be used then these crash particles cause further head crashes and the generation of more crash particles in a vicious cycle until the drive is totally dead.

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