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Hard Drives Overheating

Hard Drives Overheating
Overheating computers are a sure way to test even the newest hard drive and a principal cause of hard drive degradation and seized motor spindles.

Even in the cleanest conditions and workplaces computers do tend to draw in a lot of dust and over a period of time this dust invariably begins to clog up your system. The processor heat sink and fan will gradually get totally clogged which will affect the fans cooling performance as will the graphics card fan.

The power supplys can become unstable as it overheats.
Steadily as the computer loses it cooling capability internal components get hotter and hotter and if the system fails whilst the storage device is being accessed a drive can become inaccessible.

Whether its a HDD, SSD or Memory stick the file system can become corrupt, in worse case sceanarios, power problems the platters may be damaged or controllers fail. this affects SSD drives in just the same way.


Summer tends to see the most problems with Server hardware failures as the combination of dust and the increase in ambient temperatures cause the internal temperature of the server room to rise above normal levels, if the airconditioning fails heat build up  puts a strain on system components that lead to failure and in some instances fires.

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One of the worse components that is affected by the heat is of course your computers hard drive and an increase in temperature can cause hard drive degradation to occur which is essentially where the drive loses its ability to store data as it overheats. This can subsequently lead to drive failure and data loss (you may suddenly lose files that you have not deleted.

To avoid hard drive overheating make sure you computer is cleaned at least once a year or more in very dusty conditions.

For more information read this article on overheating hard disk drives


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