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Hard Drive Speed

Hard Drive Speed
Are Larger Capacity Hard Drives Faster?


Warning ! : Do not run data recovery software on any drive suspected of slowing down due to motor wear, electronic / firmware problems, physical damage or degradation. 
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Generally all other aspects of one drive compared to another being equal and no drive fragmentation the answer would generally be yes. If you can imagine that a drive is like a child’s roundabout.

Whilst the roundabout is spinning at the same speed if you were standing on the outer edge of the roundabout you would be travelling much faster than if you were standing in the middle or close to the centre.

The effect with a hard drive is similar and data written and read from the outer section is much faster than the middle or inner sector.
As a disk becomes fuller then more data is placed on the much slower sectors and as smaller drives become full they slow down to a crawl.

That said when comparing disk performance you also need to take into account other factors like drive cache, areal density, spin speeds and the number of platter in the drive to truly compare performance.

As Hybrid Drives are developed higher capacity drives that benefit from integrated SSD will improve access times to increasingly larger drive capacities over 4TB.

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