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Hard Drive Recovery Companies


Listing of companies offering hard drive recovery and file recovery services. Sometimes these two search terms can become mixed as they mean almost the same thing to some extent. File recovery tends to mean recovery of lost or deleted files but this may not always be possible using low level file recovery techniques.


Hard drive recovery goes much deeper and data recovery companies will use special imaging hardware to read drives and files not recognised through the operating system.

Check with your provider to ensure they can image the drive and work from the drive image not the origiginal drive.

Find a trusted data recovery service to recover your data talk to Andy at Data Solutions UK.


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Seagate Data Recovery Advert
Seagate Data Recovery Advert
Seagate Data Recovery Services. Data Recovery from  the team at R3 R3  is committed to maintaining our reputation as the technology and services performance leader in the data recovery field. From our no obligation job quote to our "No Files, No Charge" recovery policy, we...
Has Your Storage Drive Been Written Off ?
Has Your Storage Drive Been Written Off ?
Has your storage drive been written off as beyond recovery ? Is it just unrecoverable because a fake report sold for a lot of money says so ? Or has an online diagnosis report given the impression that the heads have failed when actually they have not?. Get an honest and friendly no obligation...
ReMac - The Mac Recovery Specialist
ReMac - The Mac Recovery Specialist
ReMac is an Apple Mac Data Recovery Services are provided by R3 Data Recovery Ltd . All Apple branded devices that contain hard disk drives or Flash storage media are catered for. Data Recovery Services by ReMac ReMac deal with Apple Macintosh systems and hardware, our engineers...
Data Recovery News Feeds
Data Recovery News Feeds
Data Recovery News Feeds The DRC Directory of professional data recovery companies is being developed to help promote reputable data recovery labs. Helping consumers identify  genuine data recovery companies.   Get a second opinion from a reputable data recovery lab and look...
Companies That Wipe Hard Drives
Companies That Wipe Hard Drives
Data Solutions UK Ltd provideS high capacity hard drive wiping and hard drive recertification services.   These include wiping of servers and entire data centers. Recertification of ex lease  Server PC and Laptop drives. Secure Wiping. Smart Test Status. Nationwide Collection...
A New Listing on DRC
A New Listing on DRC
The Data Recovery Companies Directory has been setup to promote IT support, computer repair and data recovery companies in their locality. If your company is not listed or the description is incomplete please send the following: A description of your companies services ,...
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Choosing A Company

Hard Drive recovery companies covering England, Scotland and Wales. Hard drive recovery companies will be either data recovery companies or IT support companies that also offer data recovery services.

In the event that data recovery may not be able to be completed by a IT support company which in most circumstances will be due to a mechanical failure of some description, it may be necessary for the company you chose to use to send the drive to a data recovery specialist who is able to perform hard drive repair in a certified clean room environment.

If you suspect your drive is damaged then it may be prudent to go straight to a data recovery company as they will have all facilities available. Equally as all recovery work will be carried out by the same company this can help ensure you get your data back quicker and for valuable data will also ensure that the risk of file corruption form a low level recovery attempt does not occur.

For business critical hard drive recovery or where the data has high value data recovery companies will have the greatest chance of successful data recovery.

Useful Articles
Window 7 Compatability for R3Cover
Window 7 Compatability for R3Cover
R3Cover Win 4.5 passes Microsoft Windows 7 Compatability tests. R3Cover Win Data Recovery Software enables the recovery of deleted files, formatted partitions and volumes otherwise inaccessible to the operating system. All file types  can be recovered with an...
Data Solutions Data Recovery Partnering Program Overhaul
Data Solutions Data Recovery Partnering Program Overhaul
The Data Solutions UK Data Recovery  Partner Programme :- For IT Professionals and Computer Repair Companies. Providing access to the very highest success rates at reasonable cost for clients in every town and city of the UK. Special offer for...
Nanomefos Optical Surface Measurement
Nanomefos Optical Surface Measurement
As a result of collaboration between Zeeko and TNO, the much admired NANOMEFOS precision measuring machine technology is being implemented in a new metrology product, which is the most accurate of its kind.   NANOMEFOS – Nanometre Accuracy Non-contact Measurement of Freeform...

Hard Drive Recovery England

Bedfordshire|Berkshire|Bristol|Buckinghamshire|Cambridgeshire|Cheshire|Cornwall|County Durham|Cumbria
Derbyshire|Devon|Dorset|Humberside|East Sussex|Essex|Gloucestershire|London|Manchester|Hampshire
Herefordshire|Hertfordshire|Isle of Wight|Kent|Lancashire|Leicestershire|Lincolnshire|Merseyside|Norfolk
North Yorkshire|Northamptonshire|Northumberland|Nottinghamshire|Oxfordshire|Rutland|Shropshire
Somerset|South Yorkshire|Staffordshire|Suffolk|Surrey|Tyne and Wear|Warwickshire|West Midlands
West Sussex |West Yorkshire|Wiltshire|Worcestershire

Hard Drive Recovery Scotland

Caithness|Sutherland|Ross and Cromarty|Inverness-shire|Nairnshire|County of Moray|Banffshire
Stirlingshire|Clackmannanshire|Kinross-shire|Fife|East Lothian|Midlothian|West Lothian|Lanarkshire

Hard Drive Recovery Wales

Gwent|South Glamorgan|Mid Glamorgan|West Glamorgan|Dyfed|Powys|Gwynedd|Clwyd


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Hard drive recovery, memory stick repair, RAID array rescue, and Solid state device (SSD) data recovery.