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Hard Drive Platters Pictures

Hard Drive Platters Pictures
What Are Hard Drive Platters?

A hard drive platter is essentially a disc made from aluminium or glass and ceramic substrate.  During the manufacturing process of the disc, a thin coating of various metallic alloys is deposited on the surface of the disc by a process called magnetic sputtering. A cobalt-based  magnetic media layer is deposited on top of the alloy coating and a carbon-based overcoat is deposited as the top layer.

Inside the hard drive and positioned on top of the platter are the  hard drive heads. The hard drive heads move radially over the surface of the disc and performs the read or write operations. It is imperative that the quality of finish is smooth, durable and perfect.

Hard Disk Drive Platters are being further developed to store increasing amounts of data. Any dust or debris which contacts the platter can damage the heads and platter surface therby damaging data, always have your broken hard drive fixed by an reputable data recovery lab which can show a current  ISO 14644 CLASS 3 Certified clean room certificate.

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